Friday, January 21, 2011

You win. We lose.

Chloe is back, Baby

With fire in her veins, Chloe shows up at Stephanie's place to drop Gammy B. like a stone in a well.  A big, old, heavy, self-righteous, sanctimonious...

I forgot what I was going to say.

Maggie is dressed like Marie Osmond

A little bit country, and a little bit rock 'n' roll.

Will he ever learn?

Stefano tells framed pictures of his grandchildren that their nono is going to take care of Rafe and Sami.  Kate walks in just as Nono says that Mr. and Mrs. Hernadez's days are numbered.

When will the members of this crime family learn that you shouldn't verbalize evil plans so close to your front door?  If Harold was here he never would have let this happen.

Man-to-man minus at least one

Rafe tells Gabi that if she and Will are dating, he should go have a man-to-man talk with him.  Gabi smiles and rolls her eyes.

"You never stop being a big brother, do you?"

By golly, she's right.

Gabi doesn't ask any questions

Gabi is surprised to hear that EJ is letting Sami and Rafe see the kids again.

Okay, seriously.  Gabi hasn't once, in all this time, questioned why EJ had sole custody of the kids in the first place.  One minute Sami had the kids, the next she not only didn't have the kids, she and her family weren't allowed anywhere near them.

Good job, writers.

Stefano tells Kate he wants to bury the hatchet

"Why do I get the feeling you're going to bury it in Rafe and Sami's back?"
I wish.
Rafe is suspicious of EJ's 180
"We've been burned by EJ one too many times."

Pffft.  Yeah, okay.

"Something doesn't smell right."

Judging by the expression on Rafe's face, it very well could be his fault.
Maybe it just needs to steep a little longer
"Maybe there's a decent storyline hiding in here."
Nathan says he wants to go see Melanie and suggest they have another go at Mate. Maggie says she doesn't think that's a good idea. They have a long, dull conversation at the end of which Maggie tells Nathan to go speak to Melanie, rendering this entire ten minutes yet another ten minutes I'll wish I had back when I'm on my deathbed lamenting all my bad choices in life.  Like watching this show.
Chloe Cut-Eye

That's some sweet, sweet cut-eye.  Shelley Hennig knows it, and breaks the fourth wall to make sure we know it too.
Everybody loves a winner
Gabi tries to convince Rafe he's got nothing to be worried about in regards to EJ's suspicious "kindness".

"You got the girl. You got the cool job. Everyone respects you. You're the hero. The kids love you. Sami loves you. You're the winner."

"Right.  And I've gotta make sure it stays that way."

His modesty just bowls me over.  And don't worry, Rafe.  So long as Kenny gets his way, you can just sit back and ride shotgun.

Yeah, but who remembers these things?

EJ tells Nicole the only reason he called off the wedding (he didn't - in the scene Nicole is referring to, he actually just postponed it, but who remembers these things, right?) is because he wants to have the wedding at the church to create some good memories. Because their first wedding at the church went so well.  He also tells Nicole he wants his family to be there and of course he wants her to invite her family aswell.

The look on Nicole's face pretty much sums up what I was thinking about this whole thing.

Fasten your safety-belts, guys. Taylor's a-comin'.

"Caroline Brady?"

Kate tells Stefano about Gammy B. changing the paternity results.  He thinks it's just as stupid as we do.

"Don't they have any respect for the law?" he jokes.

"No, of course not.  Because they're special."

And this is why we root for the bad guys.  Because if Days had a real world, the "bad guys" would be the only ones living in it.

Hey...wait a second.

Omigod!  Lookit Kate's shoes!

Kate tells Stefano that Melanie is pregnant.

"I know.  The timing couldn't be worse."

Except on Days.

I'm still playing.

Holy Crap!  Chloe makes sense!

Stephanie informs Chloe that she ruined her own life by jumping into bed with Philip.

Chloe tells Stephanie and Caroline that had the paternity result revealed that Philip was the father of the baby, Chloe would have broken the news to Daniel and they could have privately dealt with the consequences themselves, but that because of what Caroline did, Chloe was never given that opportunity.

"Who do you think you are?! God?!"

"No. Not by a long-shot."

Caroline admits that she was wrong to do what she did. I know, right? WTF. Someone must have called Days' Damage Control to apply a couple of paddles to Gammy's reputation.

Chloe is unmoved and makes certain Gammy knows she's going to make her pay.

Caroline looks like she just shit her pants.

Whatever gets you through the day

Gabi tells Rafe that she's sure Arianna is warmly looking down on them all, pleased with what she sees. Rafe agrees, specifically mentioning that he knows Arianna is happy with the way things turned out for he and Sami.

Sure, Rafe.  Of course.

Philip rescues Chloe from herself

Because I swear she was going to rip Caroline's head off by her hair and beat Stephanie to death with it.  I'm thrilled.  I'll take my Phloe any way I can get it right now.

After Philip drags Chloe kicking and screaming from the apartment, Caroline tells Stephanie that Chloe will probably never understand why Caroline did what she did.

"God knows you can't change the past."

Except on Days.  Okay, I'll stop now.

Philip explains to Chloe that they only have themselves to blame

"I don't care. I want her in jail."

"You want to drag an old lady through the courts right after she had a stroke?"

Yes, please.

You know the tune

EJ tells Stefano he no longer has feelings for Sami. Again.

Aaaaand Stefano doesn't believe him. Again.

Would I watch this episode?

The Philip/Melanie, Rafe/Gabi, and Maggie/Nathan scenes were dull as dishwater (not surprisingly).  EJ's scenes with Nicole were rather dull aswell, considering what was going on.  EJ managed to play me for a fool in today's eppy. 

When he asked Nicole to marry him again, I was thinking, "Jesus H. Christ! Really?"  He went on and on about what a changed man he was and how he thinks Nicole would be a wonderful stepmother to his children.  Blah blah blah.  And he really spreads the EJ charm on pretty dang thick.  There were some near-kisses and fingers touching lips, etc.  I fell for it right up until the end when he had some private words with Stefano back at the DiMansion and explained that Nicole is needed if their plans for Sami and Rafe are going to work. 

It was the old, sneaky EJ, and I wanted to grab him and hold him close and never let him go. 

EJ marrying Nicole doesn't bother me.  I like Nicole.  I like that she gets to spend time with the kids.  Ari is an amazing actress and she has good chemistry with James (albeit sexless).  Taylor worries me because I'm just not a Natalia Livingston fan and the idea of James having to drag her around like a sack of potatoes puts me off some, no matter what his upper-body strength is like these days. 

Oh...and I'm an Ejami fan, always and forever.  I've been forgetting that alot lately what with full-moon-mad Sami walking around town ready to sink her teeth into the jugular of the next poor, unsuspecting Salemite who accidentally gets in her way.


  1. Um, wow, I think Dena Higley writes the scripts with a blind fold. I mean the whole Arianna thing was so ridiculous! What the TOAST is going on here?!?

  2. Wots all this, you say? The reappearance of sneaky, dastardly, conniving, ooze-charm-out-of-every-smexy-pore Elvis DiMera???
    (drool, swoon, thud)
    Yes, please! This may be the ONLY upside of Cordigley's campaign to demonize EJ, but I'll take EJ the DiMera Bastard over EJ the Clueless Imbecile Doormat any damn day!

    I think maybe I'll join your drinking game. Might help me overlook the way these writers are playing blind round robin with the writing and completely forgetting history that was penned less than three months ago.

    TFP! :-]

  3. Diggy, once again you've bamboozed me into watching this episode with your dead on snark. I love me some dastardly EJ, and when he's pouring the charm on some unsuspecting victim like Nicole, even better!

    Arianna reference - I guess the days writers really do think all their viewers are brain dead idiots.

  4. Great snark as always Diggy!

    I really agree that these crime-boss types need to stop talking aloud about their evil plans - you never know who is lurking around.

    As I've said before, TPTB at Days thinks that their audience has the intelligence and lifespan of fruit flies, so we won't mind if they fudge up the Arianna thing just a bit.

    I love me some intelligent, sneaky, scheming, sexy EJ Dimera! That's the only good thing to emerge from some of this crap.

    I agree that I love AZ and that she and James can pull off great scenes together, even if there is no real sexual-type chemistry there. It's nice to see EJ back into oozing charm from every pore in his gorgeous body when needed. thud . . . drool . . .

  5. Since when does gayfe have a cool job? Gabi must be the nerdiest nerd of all the nerds who DO NOT live with their parent(s).

    EJ and Nicole? Plot point writing that is making me soooo weary.

    No EJAMI
    No MATE
    No CHILL

    I'm running out of reasons to watch.

  6. I didn't know whether to scream or roll my eyes over that comment Rafe made about Ari. I don't think Ari is smiling down on you guys, more like rolling in her grave. And EJ almost had with his charm. He was laying it on THICK but his smirk when Nicole said yes gave it away IMO. It looked like EJ just checked off a box in his head instead of being happy to get married to Nicole. But it's moments like that that get EJ into trouble. Sooner or later Nicole is going to fall hard again because who can resist all that sexiness, even if he threw you out on your ass? It was only a year ago. LOL Essentially you don't know when he is being sincere or is playing you because he is that damn good. That is part of the reason Sami is so far up Rafe's ass now. She thinks he was playing her all this time. SMH
    And I love State. Their conversation alone summed up why I normally root for the Dimeras in any battle. They keep it real.