Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The DiMeras: Awesome Sauce

Don’t fight it. You know it’s true. Just admit it.

The DiMeras are cooler than the Bradys.

And despite the fact that they’re supposed to be treading the dark side, they’re actually far less dysfunctional.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Days Don't Know Jack

“Ask anyone in this town!  Ask them who I am!  They’ll say I’m Jack Deveraux – Harper’s son!”

"You are not –!"

"Jack Deveraux – Harper’s son!  One wields a pen, the other wields a sword, but deep down it's all the same!”

“You’re wrong!”

“No, I’m not wrong!”

“I don’t believe what anybody says!  I don’t even believe you!  I believe in you.  And I believe what I feel…with my whole heart.”

Before there was EJ DiMera, there was Jack Deveraux – a character that got his real start as a villain but slowly became one of the most beloved Days characters of all time.  Like EJ, whether you loved Jack or you hated Jack, the show just wouldn’t be the same without him, and right now Days really isn’t.  It hadn’t been so glaringly obvious until Jennifer returned to Salem without him.