Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. 20 Day Ahead

Who says Days doesn't have the holiday spirit this week? Not me. No, sir!

Last Friday I admit I needed to take the day off. Today things seemed to be back to normal - by normal I mean there was a little more balance on the show. The Johnny stuff is still a big drag, and I still want someone to grab Sami and lobotomize her before she leaves the hospital, but so much stuff managed to make up for that.

Hope looks like a Methadone addict

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I'd like to say that Hope looking like a handless sock puppet is simply because she was just beaten into near-unconsciousness with a stocking full of oranges, but let's face it - Kristian Alfonso needs a sammich. Badly.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's episode probably could have been very irritating. was very irritating. The whole EJ vs. Sami thing is getting tiresome, but what I did love is that EJ definitely came off as being the more mature one. Not by a stretch, but progress is progress. I know it's only a matter of probably a day before the writers take EJ about ten steps back, but that's how they roll and we're all very used to it, I'm sure.

The whole episode was more of the same (surprise, surprise). The writers pulled out the script from the "Chloe convinces Melanie not to rat her out" scenes and handed out copies to JKJ and SC to work with. Caroline tells Stephanie that leaving town before Melanie can get her hooks into Nathan is the best thing for everyone. Sami and EJ yell at eachother and Rafe sticks his nose into the mix, making things worse as usual. Johnny goes on and on about wanting to go home with Sami. Blah blah blah-bliddy-blah.

The truth will come out...but for the love of God when?

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Philip insists that Melanie will not find out about his extra-curricular office-schtupping if Daniel only keeps it to himself.

"Trust me - secrets don't last forever," Daniel says.

Really? This one feels like it's going on and on...and on. It's like the Saw franchise except unimaginably more unbearable to watch.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15 Commentary


I feel really awful but I have to make this one another short one. I'll be back to my regular format (well...what I've been doing for a few days, anyways) tomorrow as I'm working from home the rest of the week. Hopefully you'll still love me then. 

Anyways, like yesterday I'm just going to put up pictures and describe what's happening in each. Promise.

Melanie talks too damn much

Daniel wants to put his fist through Philip's teeth, but ends up wanting to put one through his own when Melanie starts talking to him about "why I love Philip" before he has the chance to tell her that her husband is a pig.

Daniel pretty much looks the way I felt listening to Melanie prattle on about why "Philip is the closest thing to perfect".

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec.13 Day Ahead Commentary

Today's eppy could honestly have been condensed into about fifteen minutes. I don't mean just the Ejami-related stuff, either. The entire thing. I really had to reach to find anything even mildly interesting to relate to you. I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend the episode unless you like watching Brady and Nicole doing it to Corday's patented sexophone music.

So my commentary today is not only coming very late in the evening, it's also very short because the eppy was duller than a bowl of plain, steel-cut oats. Or Rafe. I apologize.

But here are some little things I did enjoy here and there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec. 10 Day Ahead Commentary


Today's episode was a strange one, and it was a tough one to derive amusement from, so I know I say this often, but I was really off my game today. And all the blue and lilac is really started to make me nauseous. I would kill a man to see someone wearing red on this show right now.

I'm not gonna lie to you. The EJ/Johnny scenes were tough to watch, as were the EJ/Sami scenes, mostly because they didn't make a lick of sense.

EJ, for the most part, has been doing really well. His dialogue has been reminiscent of the devilish EJ of 2007. He's not pining for Sami, but he seems to have accepted the fact that he loves her and there really isn't a damn thing he can do about that. The bullet that passed through his head managed to only graze the part of his brain that moves the heart, and his heart continues to beat rather relentlessly for his Samantha. In the house that Jack built.

Anyways, enough of all that. My point is that EJ has been EJ again, which is more than we can say for Sami who hasn't really been herself for quite some time now.

Dec. 9 Day Ahead Commentary

I was having a discussion with some other board members about whether or not all the medication I'm on is making the episodes more amusing to me than they actually are. I already know that my magic pills give me x-ray vision and the ability to listen in on phone conversations just by waving my arms in the air and capturing cell signals with my bare hands. Also, I'm pretty sure I started speaking Aramaic yesterday at dinner and I haven't even seen 'Passion of Christ'. So who knows, right? Perhaps there's some truth to those jokes about needing to be on drugs to enjoy Days right now.

I'm a little off my game today, but I do hope I give just enough information about today's episode to help you decide whether or not you want to actually see the episode for yourself.

Here are some highlights from today's Canadian eppy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec.8 Day Ahead Commentary


Spoilers getting to you?  A couple of coils away from finishing up that noose you started making with Sami and Rafe's wedding rope?

Let's take a moment to untwist and get some fresh air into our lungs, shall we?

Today's day ahead eppy was yet again more of the same.  Not too many highlights in this episode, but I did find these moments somewhat enjoyable.

Everyone in Blue

There must be some sort of Channukah thing happening on Days lately because everyone is wearing something blue.  Brady, Bo, Nicole, Stefano...

But, of course, it isn't nauseating until this...

Even the plates, napkins and placemats are blue.  The food might have been blue, too.  Who the hell knows.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec. 6 Day Ahead Thoughts

Today's episode was pretty bloody boring Ejami-wise. It seems almost as though it was one filler episode with reminders here and there that Christmas is coming to Salem. And most of those were care of Sami and Rafe, so needless to say it was pretty nauseating.

But, just like a dark night sky, there were a few bright lights.

Sami's Nightmare

Funny how Sami's ideas of dreams and nightmares differ so drastically from ours. For instance -

Thinking about EJ in uniform?

diggy - dream

Sami - nightmare

What to say about the "uniform". Well, basically they just threw a gun holster on him and wrapped his broad shoulders in a Salem PD jacket. But, just like with the bad lighting and fake foliage peppering every corner of Salem, I usually let my imagination do the rest of the work for me, and that's what I did with EJ in "uniform".

I can sort of see why Sami sees this as some sort of nightmare, though. She runs up to a police officer and begs him for help in finding her children. He turns around, not only revealing himself to be the man who is keeping her from seeing her children, but also that he is outfitted in a Salem PD jacket, rendering him completely incompetent anyways. A double-whammy, if you ask me.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec.01 Day Ahead


Sami has decided to call together a special "family meeting" of sorts. In attendance are Will, Roman, and Caroline. Apparently these will be her cohorts - an injustice league, if you will - in the battle against the villainous EJ. Except it will soon be discovered that this meeting was a complete waste of both our time and theirs. Yes - Sami is once again relegated to being filler in the writers' attempt to catch us idiots up on "what we know so far".