Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec.01 Day Ahead


Sami has decided to call together a special "family meeting" of sorts. In attendance are Will, Roman, and Caroline. Apparently these will be her cohorts - an injustice league, if you will - in the battle against the villainous EJ. Except it will soon be discovered that this meeting was a complete waste of both our time and theirs. Yes - Sami is once again relegated to being filler in the writers' attempt to catch us idiots up on "what we know so far".

At the pub.

Enter Sami and Will. They have a seat at a table with Roman and Caroline. Roman looks fresh from a nap while Caroline looks fresh from a God complex.

Sami: Hi. Thanks for coming. (Gives Will a hug) Hi, sweetie.

Roman: Alright, so what's going on here? Did EJ do something else?

Sami: Yeah. You could say that. went to see him last night.

Roman: Yeah. Okay. What? What happened?

Sami: He made it clear that I am never gonna be able to see my kids again.

Cue soapy stares.


By the pier.

Enter Rafe and a former navy seal he's hired to look for the gun.

Rafe: So George says you're good.

Mr. Seal: The navy seals thought so.

Now it might be just me, but this so looks like the opening of a gay porn. Two manly men meeting up out on the pier. One is evidently very popular amongst the navy seals and comes highly recommended by "George"...? Anyone? Is it just me?

It's just me, I guess.

Rafe: Great. 'Cause we need to find that gun before someone else does, or someone I love is gonna be in big trouble.


In the DiMera yard.

EJ stands smiling at Lexie, holding Sydney in his arms. Tussling on the ground between them are Johnny and Theo.

Lexie wastes no time.

Lexie: I ran into Mary in the driveway. She told me you were with Johnny and Sydney. Imagine my surprise.

EJ: Samantha...changed her mind, so she gave me custody.

Lexie: Full custody?

EJ: We're...uh...still working out the details.

Lexie (crossing her arms, looking suspicious): How'd she go from a restraining order to full custody?

EJ suggests to Johnny and Theo that they run off and play, telling them to be sure to stay where he and Lexie can see them.

Lexie arches an eyebrow at EJ. He turns to look at her, recognizing an admonishing finger-wagging coming from a mile away.

EJ (annoyed): What?


The DiMera yard.

Mary enters and takes Sydney from EJ up into her arms. EJ tells her he'll be back inside once Theo and Johnny are done playing.

Mary: It's good to have them back.

EJ: It's wonderful, isn't it?

They leave. EJ turns his attention back to his sister.

Lexie: So let me get this straight. Sami knows that you kidnapped Sydney, but she suddenly be reasonable and turn Johnny and Sydney over to you?

EJ:'s not quite like that.

Lexie: Yeah, I didn't think so.

EJ: Let's just say that I managed to turn a certain situation to my advantage.

Lexie: And what situation is that?


At the pub.

Two things.

One - Caroline is starting to look like she's been pressure-packed full of sawdust.

Two - Caroline and Roman look like they're dating.

Caroline: He can't take your children away from you. You and Rafe will have to go to court.

Sami: Grandma, it's not that easy. There's alot more to it than that. But I promise you...I promise - I got my family into this mess, and I'll find a way out of it.


By the pier.

Mr. Seal pulls the rest of his "equipment" out of his "bag of tricks". See how I did that? Gay porn?

Not yet, huh?

Rafe: So, just in case there's more than one pistol down there, we're looking for a .22-calibre, semi-automatic, single-action pistol.

Or he could just bring up any pistol he finds. I guess Rafe is only fixin' to get what he paid for. Any other murdering Salemites can spring to find their own damn pistols.

Mr. Seal: I got it. (He hesitates) How come you want it?

I was wondering when he was going to ask that.

Rafe: Because if anyone else gets their hands on it, alot of innocent lives are gonna be destroyed.



The DiMera yard.

EJ strolls past Lexie's accusatory stare.

EJ: Do you think maybe we should tell Johnny and Theo to go inside?

Lexie: I think you should tell me what "situation" you're using to your advantage.

EJ: You know she married Rafe, don't you?

Lexie is somewhat taken aback.

Lexie: Wow...How does that make you feel?

EJ shrugs his shoulders, not looking at her. He sits down on the bench.

EJ: I'm fine with it.

Lexie sits down beside him.

Lexie: EJ...hey. Come on, now - you're talking to me, alright? Not too long ago you wanted more than anything in this world to marry Sami.

EJ stares down at his hands.

EJ: Well...I realized I don't want her to be a part of my life. And she realized that she wants to marry Rafe...and...(rushing through the rest of the list) she has alot of things to do now...and she doesn't have time to raise four kids...and so we came to an arrangement.

Lexie (smiling knowingly): You know I don't believe a word of that.

EJ chuckles, not surprised she doesn't believe him, but he sobers rather quickly.

EJ: It's true, Lexie.

Lexie: So the possibility that it might have been Sami or Will who shot you...That has nothing to do with this?

EJ: I don't think we need to speculate on what may or may not have happened. My children are my children and I'm not going to share them with anybody.

Lexie: Including Sami?

EJ: Especially Samantha.


At the pub.

The injustice league is having a tough time trying to untangle the web of all this Hitchcockian drama.

Caroline: How can this be happening? You're Sydney and Johnny's mother. Those kids should not spend one more night in that house.

Roman reaches over and cops a feel. Okay, he doesn't. He puts his arm around her. Still. Speaking of Hitchcock...

Roman: Alright, Ma. I'll tell ya what. We're gonna help Sami find a way out of this. Is there any kind of compromise that EJ would accept?

Sami: Rafe and I have been killing ourselves trying to think of something.

Pity they haven't succeeded yet.

Sami: No. EJ's holding all the cards and he knows it. He's won.

Roman: The hell he has.

Sami looks unconvinced.

While all this "drama" is going on, Will - as usual - looks like he's going to vomit.


In the DiMera yard.

EJ stands with his hand pressed to his forehead, bracing himself for a big sister sermon. Lexie sits on the bench looking up at him, determined to talk some sense into him.

Lexie: Honey, this isn't fighting over some piece of land, okay? You're talking about your children. Sami's their mother.

EJ: Not for long.

Lexie (reeling): You really mean that.

EJ: Damn straight. Yeah.


At the pub.

The recap continues.

Roman: If EJ thought he had trouble before, I'll make damn sure even if he drops a gum wrapper on the sidewalk, I'll have him arrested.

Sami tilts her head backwards and sighs, frustrated. So basically she looks like how I feel right now.

Sami: Dad, you can't do that.

Caroline: Why not?

...because really, he has nothing else to do.

Sami: Because...alot of reasons. Look, Grandma - he is just looking for an opportunity to take those kids and leave the country, and we'll never see them again. That's what he was gonna do when he kidnapped Sydney in the first place.

Roman: He can't do that. He can't do that if I have cops around him all the time. I'll know what he has for dinner.

Sami: Dad, please.

Roman: He has Johnny and Sydney in his house. You can't see them, I can't see them.

Will finally speaks up.

Will: Grandpa, I'm sorry. But I think the best thing to do is to figure out a way for Mom to see them first, and then --

Sami: No. It isn't.

Will: Wh-why not?

Sami: That's why I asked you all here this morning. I need all of you to be with me on this. We have to play this EJ's way. At least for now.


Still at the pub.

In case you STILL don't understand...

Roman: Okay. Lemme get this straight. EJ has two of my grandkids locked up in Stefano DiMera's house, and I'm supposed to do nothing.

That'll be a stretch.

Sami: Dad, we all have to. I mean Rafe agrees. This is the way we have to all play it for now.

Oh! Well, if Rafe says it...!

Will: Well, this sucks.

Sami: I agree.

Will can take no more. He and his horrid beige sweater stand as he announces he has to leave. He grabs his jacket and rushes out the door.

Caroline: There must be some way that we can force EJ's hand.

Sami: Grandma, if there is then I have to be the one to find it.

Roman: Sami, I love you very much. But when you go out on your own, things have a way of not turning out real' well.

Wow. An insult and an anvil combined.

Sami: You're not wrong, Dad. But...I'm not alone anymore. (She toys with her wedding band and smiles) I am married to a former FBI agent.

Lordy, lordy, lordy.

Sami: And we are in this together. And Rafe and I agree that right now we have to play along with EJ. But I promise you - this fight is far from over.


By the pier.

Mr. Seal noisily emerges from the water. Former FBI agent stands aside smiling.

Rafe: Looks cold.  Did you find anything?

Mr. Seal: Nothing. How long ago did the gun go into the river?

Rafe: About three months ago.

I was just momentarily hypnotized by Mr. Seal's jawline and full lips...

Okay. Back now.

Mr. Seal: That's a long time. And with the current and all...

Rafe: Are you sure you followed the co-ordinates I gave you? You looked everywhere?

Okay. How the hell does he know the co-ordinates of anything? He doesn't know where Sami threw the gun. Hell, Sami doesn't even know where she threw the gun. And what co-ordinates would you need besides "that-a-way"?

Mr. Seal: Yeah.

Rafe: You weren't out there for very long.

Mr. Seal: I told you - I'm the best. Now either that gun got washed down-stream, or someone else already found it.

This tickles me.


In the DiMera yard.

EJ sits down beside Lexie.

EJ: Look, I'm not going to do anything to Samantha. I don't have to. She brought all of this upon herself. I just get to sit back and watch her self-destruct.

Lexie: Hey, Sami's a survivor.

EJ: Maybe when she's facing an adversary.

Lexie: Oh, and you're not an adversary?

EJ: Lexie, she had it won. She had my children. She had the restraining order. I was so desperate I almost stormed the Brady Pub so I could grab Johnny and Sydney and flee the country.

Lexie (quietly, shaking her head): I remember thinking that was what you had in mind.

EJ: Okay, but look. I didn't do it. She had the Brady police force all over the place. But I lost everything. And she was off with Rafe. You know...there was a point at which I almost...thought about...taking my own life.

The stony expression on Lexie's face melts. She reaches out a hand and rubs his shoulder whispering, "Oh, honey..."

EJ: But that wasn't enough for her. She wanted more. And she nearly got it.

Lexie: Wait a second. Are you saying that Sami is the one who shot you?

EJ nods.

Lexie: Are you sure?

EJ (quietly): Yes.

Lexie gasps, looking disgusted.

EJ: Anyway...I survived...and now I have my children back. She deserves everything she gets. She brought it all upon herself.

Johnny and Theo run in, each rushing towards their respective parent. EJ hugs Johnny tightly and asks him if he wants some hot chocolate.

Johnny: Do we have time?

EJ: What do you mean "do we have time"?

Johnny: Before Mommy picks us up.

Lexie looks down at EJ with "what'd I tell ya" written all over her face.


Still in the DiMera yard.

EJ tries to offer up an explanation to Johnny while Lexie and Theo play catch in the background.

EJ: your mother is not coming tonight.

Johnny: We're sleeping here tonight again?

EJ suggests to Johnny that they have pizza for dinner and sends him off to see Mary about it. Johnny calls for Theo to join him and they run off.

EJ stands and turns away from Lexie, lost in his own thoughts for a moment.

Lexie: What are you going to do tomorrow night? Hire a clown?

Roman will be too busy looking for gum wrappers.

EJ: Lexie...don't start. Please?

Lexie sighs and looks at her watch. She grabs up her purse.

Lexie: I gotta go meet Abe.

EJ: Why don't you leave Theo here? He and Johnny are getting along well. I want them to be closer.

Lexie (smiling): So would spite of everything.

EJ takes both her hands.

EJ (softly): Hey. I'm your brother. Don't judge me.

Lexie relents. She reaches up and gives his chin a little tap.

Lexie: Oh, little brother.

She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she loves him. He returns the sentiment.

Lexie: I'm just going to say goodbye to Theo and let him know what's going to be happening tonight, okay?

They say their goodbyes and Lexie leaves. Alone, EJ lets out a big sigh and runs his hand through hair. His cellphone rings. He takes it from his pocket and glances at the display.

EJ: Oh, Rafe. Always a pitiful step behind.


At the pub.

Sami and Rafe sit together at a table. Sami is drinking tea but she's pretty much been drinking tea since she arrived at the pub. I thought I'd mention it, though, in case people are keeping track.

Sami: Where have you been?

Rafe: Well, a guy I know found me a diver...

Gay porn? Anything yet?

Sami's eyes widen.

Sami: You went to the look for the --

Rafe: Mm-hm.

Sami: Did you find it?

Rafe (shaking his head): Nope. So either the current took it or...

Sami: ...EJ has it.

Rafe: Mm-hm.

Sami: Just like he said.

Sami's cellphone rings. She announces that it's EJ.

Rafe (smirking): Better answer it.

Sami: everything okay with the kids?

EJ: They're fine. I just wanted to call you and Rafe, and ask you not to waste anymore money looking for that gun.

Sami (eyes narrowing in disbelief): You're still having us followed?

EJ: Always. And just so you know, that gun is in a place where you will never, ever find it.

Sami hangs up.

Sami: He said not to waste your time looking in the river because he has the gun. And that we're never gonna find it. He has everything.

Rafe takes Sami's hands and smiles in an effort to comfort her.

Rafe: For now.

Oh, my pretties. Mommy's missed you.


The DiMera yard.

EJ stands alone, lost in his thoughts once again (a wonderful place to be, in my opinion) when Mary approaches him, holding Sydney's hand.

Mary: Um...I was just gonna take Sydney to her play group, but I thought you might want to say goodbye.

EJ: Harold has Johnny and Theo, does he?

Mary: Mm-hm.

EJ crouches down in front of Sydney.

EJ: Come here, trouble. You go and play well, okay? (Sydney rubs her eyes. EJ reaches out for her hand and kisses it) Sleepy? Come home soon, okay?

In another example of top-notch DiMera security, in walks Roman.

Roman (smirking): Well, you are a real Prince Charming, aren't you?

EJ: Roman. How good to see you.

He instructs Mary to take Sydney to her playgroup. She picks her up and Roman approaches them.

Roman (to Sydney): Hey, how are you, sweetheart? I love you.

He kisses her cheek while EJ looks on, unamused. Mary and Sydney leave. Roman watches them go.

Roman: Saw Lexie leaving as I was pulling in. Does she know what her little brother's up to?

EJ: Oh. You mean that the children will be living with me from now on.

Roman: Well, EJ. If you really think we're gonna let that happen, then you're not near as smart as I thought you were.



Outside of the Brady Pub.

Sami and Rafe exit the pub wearing almost identical wool coats. I'd say it's bizarre but not after seeing them both dressed as lumberjacks a short while back.

Rafe: That's better.

I have no idea what he's talking about here.

Rafe: So how was Will before he left?

Sami: He keeps doing that. Seeming calm on the outside when I know he wants to explode on the inside. But, you know, he's always hated EJ --

I say nothing. There's no point.

Sami: -- it's just (groans, frustrated) God! EJ's such a monster!

Enter Lexie.

Lexie: Who's calling who a monster?

It's decided. I love Lexie and I want to bear her children.

Lexie slowly walks over and stands across from Sami, arms crossed and giving her some major cut-eye. Sami and Rafe both sigh in resignation. "Here we go again".


The DiMera Yard.

The battle of wits continues. EJ with a rapier, Roman with a spoon.

EJ: Before you begin your little rant about what I'm doing to Samantha, you might want to think about what I'm doing for her.

Roman: Like what?

EJ: Well, I'm allowing her to live in freedom with Rafe and her other two children.

Roman: You know what, EJ? As little respect as I have for you, I thought at least when it came to the children you were better than this. Who cares that Sydney bounced from Nicole, to Anna, to Sami. And now she won't have a mother thanks to you. And who gives a damn that Johnny's best friend is his sister, Allie.  She's Lucas Robert's kid, so just cut her out of Johnny's life.  She'll get over it. Is that really the kind of father you want to be, EJ?


EJ listens silently to the predicted rant, smirking.


Outside the pub.

Of course, Rafe decides he's going to speak first.

Rafe: You know as well as anyone what EJ did to Sami.

Lexie (not breaking eye-contact with Sami): Well, it wasn't as well-versed as what Sami did to EJ.

Sami quickly tries to change the subject.

Sami: You talked to EJ? Did you see the kids? Are they okay?

Lexie (unmoved): Yeah. They're fine. EJ is doing everything he can to make them happy.

Rafe (smiling): Yeah. Except let them see their mother.

Lexie: Well, he has reason to be cautious, wouldn't you agree?

She starts to walk off but Sami grabs her arm to stop her.

Sami: What about my kids? Please, Lexie! Just tell me that they're okay! Are they asking about me? Just talk to me!

Lexie firmly tries to tell Sami to let go, but Rafe is the one who has to pry Sami off of her. Rafe puts an arm around her, turning her around to head back into the pub.

This reminds me of a piece of advice an old friend of mine gave me once: If you see crazy coming, cross the street.

Sami calms down and apologizes to Lexie before letting Rafe lead her through the door. Lexie presses her lips together before letting out a sigh.

Lexie: Oh, EJ. This is not going to turn out the way you want it to.


Inside the pub.

Sami and Rafe sit down side by side at a table. Sami immediately realizes she made a big mistake by trying to climb Lexie like a tree.

Sami: I should not have done that to Lexie.

Rafe: Sami, it's okay.

Sami: It's not okay. I have to be different. If I want to get those kids back I have to do it differently. (Sighing) Oh, God. I've gotta find a way to make this right.

She puts her head on Rafe's shoulder. He kisses the top of her head.

Sami: But how?


The DiMera Yard.

It's EJ's turn now.

EJ: So, I'm hurting the children when I take them away from Samantha. But she wasn't hurting the children when she took them away from me. Do I have that right?

Roman: Well, lemme ask you this, EJ. Why shouldn't she keep you from them? You kidnapped Sydney. And, oh - by the way - I will track down Anna and prove that. And make you pay for it.

All I heard was "blah blah blah ANNA MIGHT BE COMING BACK blah blah blah".

EJ: You might want to think about that. I mean, if you bring the law down on me, I'll have to bring the law down on Samantha. And I can assure you I have an airtight case.


No EJami in the preview.

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