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Dec. 9 Day Ahead Commentary

I was having a discussion with some other board members about whether or not all the medication I'm on is making the episodes more amusing to me than they actually are. I already know that my magic pills give me x-ray vision and the ability to listen in on phone conversations just by waving my arms in the air and capturing cell signals with my bare hands. Also, I'm pretty sure I started speaking Aramaic yesterday at dinner and I haven't even seen 'Passion of Christ'. So who knows, right? Perhaps there's some truth to those jokes about needing to be on drugs to enjoy Days right now.

I'm a little off my game today, but I do hope I give just enough information about today's episode to help you decide whether or not you want to actually see the episode for yourself.

Here are some highlights from today's Canadian eppy.

A snake in the hand is worth two in the bush

This could possibly be seen as two of the best fake-outs ever or the worst. I'm torn, to be quite honest.

After the mysterious man - gasp! - reveals himself to be Rafe, our Wonder Twins hear EJ approaching and noisily duck behind the nylon shrubbery.

Fake-out #1

"Well, well, well. What are you doing here?"

Posted Image

"I think you just made a terrible mistake."

Oh, crap! Caught!

But wait...

EJ, clearly the victim of spontaneous lazy-eye, isn't actually talking to Sami and Rafe though he's looking directly at them. He's actually talking to Kate who rides in on a clamshell from who the hell knows where. She's also clearly suffering from some sort of visual impairment of her own as she's standing about two feet away from Sami and Rafe - on their side of the shrubbery, no less - but still manages to not see them as she approaches EJ.

Is the DiMera garden not fenced off, because I just love the idea of the fake brick of that archway extending around the entire parameter of the outdoor space, and Kate trying to scale the walls in her blue tights and pencil skirt while wishing she hadn't worn so much jewellery because all the jingling might wake the hounds.

Fake-out #2

After some very small talk, Kate asks EJ what he's doing out in the garden so late at night.

"I'm looking for a snake. And you know what? I think I found one."

OH, CRAP! Now they're REALLY caught!

But, no. EJ is actually looking for a snake. Sydney's stuffed snake that she "can't fall asleep without". Potential threat of death by strangulation aside - phew, right?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Who doesn't love that JS looks as though he's savouring the ridiculousness of this whole scenario like a fine cigar. Speaking of cigars - snakes hiding in bushes? Freud, anyone?

Ding, ding! Kate vs. EJ

There's almost nothing I love more than watching Kate and EJ's verbal sparring. They're almost the only two characters on the show who can actually match wits with eachother and have it be a fair fight. And when the two of them are spitting venom at eachother, they throw themselves into it with such delicious, cartoon-villainesque gusto that, well...frankly, I'm getting a little misty-eyed just talking about it.

Posted Image

EJ asks Kate what she's going to do now that she's been tossed out on her elegant ass.

"Do they have a halfway house for over-the-hill hookers?"

"You know, I always contended that Sami was useless, but to screw up shooting a dead-drunk idiot at point-blank about a missed opportunity."

Ghosts of the good ol' Days

I'm loving all the name-dropping of characters gone by and references to past storylines (today EJ makes mention of Sami's near-death by lethal injection) but it does make me think back to a time when the show was good. Actually, I shouldn't say that. I'm enjoying things right now, just for much different reasons than in the past.

Kate grows very serious when talking about her past with Curtis. The other day she spoke to Stefano about how she felt losing her children, and how she wouldn't wish that sort of pain on anyone - even Sami. Today she talked about how the whole thing affected Curtis' relationship with his children, and how Billie and Austin grew to hate him once they had discovered he'd lied to them about their mother being dead. EJ's mask slips just a little bit, and Kate's aswell. She does truly seem to care for EJ here, and I loved that.

Rafe gets really mad

Have I ever told you that I can do a wicked Rafe impression? I mean it's not something to brag about too much given that Stephen Hawking's voice box could do a convincing Rafe, but it's still worth mentioning.

Rafe practically drags Sami out of the DiMera yard and apparently he's not just mad. He's mad.

Rafe: What in God's name were you thinking?!

Sami: Okay, okay! I get it! You're mad!

Rafe does something with his body that I guess is supposed to suggest that he's reeling at Sami's understatement, but doesn't register as little more than some sort of outward physical manifestation of mild Tourette's Syndrome, so it's a helluva good thing that Sami let us know that he was mad.

Freud, anyone? Pt. II

Just like yesterday's theme seemed to be "blue", today's theme seems to be "phallic".

Posted Image


Okay, I'll be honest. I'm not sure about all the "Rafe is drugging Sami" stuff, but I do think that he painted this picture and slapped Allie's name on it to get it on the fridge in an attempt to send his new bride the subliminal message that they haven't scrambled omelettes in Lucas' old bedsheets since before the fairytale wedding.

Chloe tells us what we've all been thinking

"You're probably sick to death of having to keep your mouth shut and being caught up in other people's problems."

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So shocked by Chloe's emergence from her egocentric bubble was I that I actually momentarily hallucinated that I was riding behind of one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse before she started talking about herself again, rescuing me from my delerium.

All was right with the world once again. That was a close one.

It's like some kind of beautiful dream

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Today you are a man, my son

It hasn't escaped me that, in an effort to put Will on a bullet-train to adulthood, his sideburns have been getting longer. NuGabi is much too much woman for him right now, so he's got alot of catching up to do.

Today Will and Gabi came far too close to sexting for my liking. Frankly I haven't squirmed in my seat so much since I was staring EJ's crotch in the face trying to get pictures of his gun holster the other day. The difference, though, is that the latter didn't test my gag reflex.

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EJ, EJ, EJ, and more EJ

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Damned if I didn't just adore him today (well...I pretty much adore him any day). He hit on a pretty full spectrum of emotions. His conversation with Johnny was heartbreaking. Try not to pay too much attention to his words. His eyes and the tug at the corner of his mouth speak volumes. He's falling completely apart and the pain is exquisite. And mighty easy on the eyes.

Harold is alive!

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Heavy Metal Angel Hair

Sami's hair is a lady of two faces. Sometimes it looks positively stunning, and other days it looks like straw. But today it quickly went from one to the other.

Posted Image

I swear, the moment those golden, satin ribbons atop her pretty little head hit those ratty old bedsheets, something happens. I don't know if it's the awful lighting on that particular set or what, but Sami just looks downright haggard in that bedroom. It's like those old bedsheets magically transport her through time back to 1988.

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So. Do I recommend that you check out the episode? I do, actually. The Kate/EJ scenes are fantastic. GG is out-acted by a stuffed toy snake. Chloe thinks about someone other than herself for about three seconds. Daniel's shirt is buttoned all the way up. I mean, come on!

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