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December 15 Commentary


I feel really awful but I have to make this one another short one. I'll be back to my regular format (well...what I've been doing for a few days, anyways) tomorrow as I'm working from home the rest of the week. Hopefully you'll still love me then. 

Anyways, like yesterday I'm just going to put up pictures and describe what's happening in each. Promise.

Melanie talks too damn much

Daniel wants to put his fist through Philip's teeth, but ends up wanting to put one through his own when Melanie starts talking to him about "why I love Philip" before he has the chance to tell her that her husband is a pig.

Daniel pretty much looks the way I felt listening to Melanie prattle on about why "Philip is the closest thing to perfect".

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Will and Gabi leave the door open for some reason

Will and Gabi walk into the smugnest and leave the door open behind them (in an act of teenage rebellion...maybe...?) while they start gabbing about how it's probably a good idea to keep the whole Johnny thing locked in the vault for a while so Sami doesn't worry. Then - GASP! - Sami walks in...through the open door.


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Will is an awful liar

Will tries to pass off the conversation Sami walked in on as Christmas gift talk. Sami (despite recent examples suggesting otherwise) catches on pretty quickly that her son is lying to her.

"Are you kidding me right now? What is wrong with you two?"

Too easy.

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Gabi learns pretty early on in the game that Will is an awful liar

"What? She always knows when I'm covering something up."

What's with the Mama Cass dress?

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Sami lets us know about fifty times that Johnny is her son

Seriously, it could be a drinking game.

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EJ and a cookie

Two of my favourite things.

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Rafe is like eczema on a bitterly cold day

EJ and Lexie are about to rush off to the hospital when they find Rafe still lurking on the DiMansion porch, about five minutes away from setting up a pop tent.

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EJ explains to Rafe that the DiMeras take care of their own

"Not like Grace who Samantha did nothing for until it was too late."

"Well, we all know that's not true."

Do we, Rafe?

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Aaaand, just because

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It truly is uncanny.

Soapy stares all around

Chloe thinks it's only a matter of time before Daniel finally figures out what the hell is going on (we can only hope it happens before Spring).

"Everything's gonna be okay. No matter what."

Chloe and Philip then share soapy stares. The only problem is that Maggie's soapy stare is of the "Wait...what?" variety.

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Rafe's priorities are perfectly in order

To be sure we know that Rafe is truly on top of things, Rafe asks Will and Gabi to watch Allie while he and Sami are gone.

"Put the groceries away, too!"

If you spot any groceries in this scene at all, please let me know. Early senility might be setting in for me.

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Jennifer bradys Bo

Jennifer suggests to Bo that perhaps the reason he hasn't come up with a plan to save Hope yet is because he's with Carly. Because Carly is the devil, in case you didn't know. It seems that the entire Brady Bunch is susceptible to emotional manipulation by (supposed) baddies.

She also insists that she's not taking sides, but that Hope is her cousin, making her "like a sister". Or a cousin, Jen.

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Sami is outraged

EJ accuses Sami of doing something to Johnny to make him sick. Sami puts on her "WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" face.

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