Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Whom the Bell Should Toll (Part II)

As promised, here's the second half of my list.  Today I'm a softer, gentler, mellower Diggy.  This afternoon I'm going to give these people a bit of a headstart before I give chase.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For Whom The Bell Should Toll (Part 1)

What the hell is happening behind the scenes now?

Looks like contract negotiations are getting a little rough with Peter Reckell.  KC, you can't go dicking around with people like Peter Reckell.  Your show can't handle that right now.  The guy has stood by you through thick, thin, and runny.

This is going to be a very quick entry, as I'm starving and I haven't had my tea yet, so I'm a little fuzzy-headed until a little caffeine dissipates the purple haze a bit.

So, very quickly, here's part one (I'm sure there will be a part two soon) of my list of cuts.