Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. 20 Day Ahead

Who says Days doesn't have the holiday spirit this week? Not me. No, sir!

Last Friday I admit I needed to take the day off. Today things seemed to be back to normal - by normal I mean there was a little more balance on the show. The Johnny stuff is still a big drag, and I still want someone to grab Sami and lobotomize her before she leaves the hospital, but so much stuff managed to make up for that.

Hope looks like a Methadone addict

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I'd like to say that Hope looking like a handless sock puppet is simply because she was just beaten into near-unconsciousness with a stocking full of oranges, but let's face it - Kristian Alfonso needs a sammich. Badly.

What has been seen cannot be unseen

I've seen too much Bricole sex. After a while my mind began to wander to wondering what that room must smell like and where that big yellow blanket came from.

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Pardon me but can you move a little bit to the right? I can still see them.

Maggie tells Victor to "stuff it"

Today Maggie came at us straight outta compton when she told Victor to "stuff it". Victor was clearly taken aback by Maggie's decidedly colourful language.

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I can't even tell you how much I love the expression on his face.

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Coming to a zazzle near you. Good morning!

Vivian in a Santa hat (with little holly berry earrings)

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I was hoping for a pull-away shot during which we'd gleefully, inch by wonderful inch, discover she's also wearing little curly-toed shoes with bells. It didn't happen. Another missed opportunity.

Chloe can't even fold clothes

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Daniel: Kids can just change your world.

Chloe: Tell me about it.

Is she talking about the Phillip fiasco or the fact that she can't even fold a sleeper?

It hasn't gone unnoticed that Chloe is pretty bloody useless. She can't cook, she can't get a grip on the whole "babies cry sometimes" thing, and evidently she can't fold clothes either. The thing I think is odd is that this hasn't been made into a running gag yet. Right now the only two things Chloe can do is sing and tan, and she hasn't graced us with one of her siren songs in a long time. She just gets oranger and oranger. At least the "Chloe ain't no domestic goddess" gags might sprinkle a little fairy dust on her and make her a sliver more interesting.

Speaking of oranges.

Chloe's head is gigantic

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"It's like an orange on a toothpick."

Who says Kate isn't a giving person?

Getting into the spirit of the holidays, Kate decides she's going to help Victor win Maggie's heart by pretending to be a gold-digging trollop. The plan is to spurr Big Red into action by tricking her into thinking that Victor needs rescuing.

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Pretending to be a gold-digging trollop. Stretch? Non.

Let's play a drinking game...

Throw one back whenever Sami says "my son", or...

Throw one back whenever there's an opening for someone to say, "You shot EJ in the head, you self-absorbed maniac."

Sami and Rafe were particularly unbearable today. EJ looks like he just wants the earth to split and swallow him whole. He has absolutely zero shoulders to cry on. Sami seems to have decided to go out of her way to remind EJ of that sad fact.

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The entire time they're talking to Johnny (Sami gets far more words in there than EJ manages to), Sami sits between Johnny and his father (with her back to EJ, of course) and does all the hand-holding and hugging. She talks about how love makes a person stronger. Meanwhile, EJ - looking very much like an outsider - very quietly falls apart.

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Worst disguise ever

Who didn't know Bo was going to break Hope out of prison? Today Bo - the police commissioner - manages to cleverly disguise himself with a...shirt. But that's not all. He's also sporting the worst attempt at a Southern accent I think I've ever heard (at one point he actually says, "C'mon, prisoner. Git up."). My guess is that he was trying to channel Strother Martin, the guy who played the prison warden in 'Cool Hand Luke'

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"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

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Hmm. I think Lee might be on to him.

Kate is awesome

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"You know what was nice when you were trapped in that sarcophagus? That you were trapped in that sarcophagus."

Vivian wants to make all our Christmas wishes come true

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Vivian explains to everyone present that she's the one holding the wire coat hangers after revealing that she now owns Titan Industries "lock, stock, and barrel". If they don't all want to get their asses kicked to the curb, they're going to have to play nice with Mumsy.

"For instance, if I want Brady to lose his five o'clock shadow or Phillip to get a decent, executive haircut, it'll be done."

Lee gets hit in the head with a tray

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"I enjoyed that. I really did."

Roman manages to irritate me without being seen or heard

Sami speaks to Roman on the phone about what's going on. She insists to him that Roman showing up at the hospital might "push EJ over the edge". Hearing between the lines, we figure out that Roman couldn't give a rat's ass about how EJ is feeling, and Sami makes it clear to him that while she wants to strangle EJ, she can't upset him too much as he's on the verge of pushing her out of Johnny's life again.

Roman's sheer existence annoys. He must be obliterated.

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EJ is about to crack

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At just about every turn, EJ tries to offer some measure of reassurance to Sami that things will be okay, and at just about every turn, Sami shoots him down. It's no surprise EJ's heart is about to crack like an egg and that the wrong person is going to be there when it happens.

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Lexie finally has a few minutes to see how her little brother is doing. She suggests he call their father since he was in EJ's position only a few months ago. "He knows what you're going through." Casting a glance across the room at Sami and Rafe, EJ replies, "I don't think anyone really knows what I'm going through, Lexie."

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Okay. So would I watch this episode? Depends. I'm walking the fine line between wanting Sami to come to her senses, and wanting to satisfy my own senses by suggesting she take a long walk off a short pier. If Sami is frustrating you, this will be more of the same. Even when she gave Johnny her very sweet little speech about love and strength, etc., the fact that she was doing it while shutting EJ out in the cold, not just by using "I" instead of "we" but by physically placing herself between father and son...well...let's just say the writers really have their work cut out for them if they want me to sympathize with the girl. They still have a long way to go.

James Scott is incredible in this episode and he really goes out of his way to make you understand why EJ is going to latch onto the nearest boat like a barnacle. Unfortunately, the nearest boat is going to be Nicole, but you don't hate him for it. For that matter, I don't think I'll hate Nicole for it, either. He's hit rock bottom, and he's hit it hard, and if Nicole is a temporary lifeline, then so be it. It's evident after today's episode that he loves Sami and it's beyond his control. As an ejami I find that comforting enough for the timebeing.

Am I EJ-biased these days? Yes, I am. It can't be helped, really. It has yet to be clarified whether or not the writers want me to be torn between Team EJ and Team Sami, or if they believe they've made it evident that I'm supposed to standing on one side of the fence or the other. As things stand right now, though, I'm Team EJ.

Vivian, Kate and Victor provided some much-needed comic relief today. Kate had her a-machines on the table and her b-machines in the drawer, as it were. It managed to distract me from the fact that she was wearing more necklaces than a desperately seeking susan.

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  1. Just continuing my stroll down memory lane. . . I still wonder if the writers were unintentionally writing Sami in such an unsympathetic way, thinking that the audience would actually sympathize with her juvenile antics or if it was intentional. If it was intentional to make Sami the most unsympathetic character on this show, whom most of the audience wanted to see impaled on a sharp object, they succeeded.