Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why So Serious?

So today I was supposed to do two commentaries to catch up.  So why didn't I do them?

Well, here's the problem - aside from Justin and Adrienne taking a dip in the pool and Rafe's accident, nothing happened.  In fact it was so bad that today I started watching what I thought was yesterday's Canadian episode and discovered about a quarter of the way through that it was actually today's, which means there was no forward momentum in any of the storylines at all for two days.

I'm frustrated, to say the least.  Chloe cried.  Maggie advised.  Sami and Nicole got into it and EJ had to separate them.  Daniel looked miserable.  Bo knocked Burt out.  Burt knocked Bo out.  Jen is a moron.  Blah blah blah.  My snark would have either been identical to my last snark session, or - worse yet - it would have been joke after joke about how Groundhog Day had come six days early this year.

Rafe's Accident

So here's the deal - I've seen so many people wheeled in and out of surgery for the past few months that John Williams could have scored Sami running after Rafe's gurney in slo-mo while the hospital went up in flames all around them (I wish) and it still would have drawn little more than a mighty yawn from me.  Okay, I lied.  It wasn't a yawn - it was a chuckle.

All I have to say about Rafe 2.0 is that this is the kind of plot writers spoof soaps with on sitcoms.

Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow I'll be back to doing the commentary like usual.  I'll be watching my PVR like a hawk, which is more than I might be able to say about the show.  Ooh!  See?  It's back already!


  1. I missed that eppi, guess I didn't miss much.

  2. OMG,Diggy! Your snark is in rare form. I love that Movie poster, of Rafe Off.

    Thanks for your very humorous recap!