Thursday, January 20, 2011


Read any February Sweeps stuff yet?  Don't.  Huge drag.

I finally figured out how to make it so that you can leave a comment without having to sign or log into anything.  Phew!  It only took me - what - two months to figure out how to uncheck a box?  Yeah.

Eric knows what Brady doesn't

Brady wants Nicole out of his life for good, insisting that it's time for him to move on.

"What do you mean you have to move on? What? You found someone else already?  Oh my god.  You have, haven't you?"

Brady finally decides to blink.
"Not everyone jumps from one warm body to the next, Nicole."
Forget the past two years...
...and the dozens of times EJ said he wouldn't trust Stefano to "take care of things" for him again.

I know, right?  We should be better at this whole "fuck character development" thing by now.
This is the worst I've ever seen it

The thought that the sweet, sweet haircut JKJ's been sporting at events these days is going to be ripped out from under us in only a couple of months' time just breaks my little heart.
Crystal knows what Carly doesn't
"Not every man who gets drunk or feels insecure gets to go out and cheat with their ex-girlfriend."
Drinking game:  Down one whenever there's an opening for "...except on Days" at the end of a sentence.
Brady throws Nicole out
It was kind of heartbreaking.  Days, seriously.  What are you doing to me?  Was it really necessary for Brady to drag her kicking and screaming to the door before giving her a good, hard shove and slamming the door in her face?  No, it wasn't.
Except on Days.
Will and Gabi awkardly fumble with eachother on the couch

Frankly, I haven't seen a couple so uncomfortable to watch since...

Oh, wait...
The DiMungeon?  DiBasement?
I'll think of a good name soon, hopefully.  If you can think of a good nickname, let me know.
We don't get to see the DiMera dungeon, but we do get to see EJ's reaction to it, which is just as good if not better. The laughter between he and Stefano seems real, which doesn't surprise me. This whole thing is ridiculous.

I don't care what anyone thinks. Dungeon or not, Joe and James are adorable together. If nothing else comes out of this whole stupid storyline - and who are we kidding?  Nothing else will - it will at least give us plenty of Ejeffy.

P.S.  I love that Stefano explains that he's had this whole dungeon set-up since Rafe went off to badger Anna. Any mention of Anna just tickles me.

EJ's a bad, bad man, GA

Recognize this shot from the most recent Days 1-14-11 promo? 

No?  Have a looksy at the promo again.  


Don't you love that they used it in the context of EJ villainously stroking his chin as he schemes against Rafe, teeth bared as though he was mid-evilgasm?  Also, notice how they slowed it down.  What's actually happening here is that EJ is trying to figure out what the juh Stefano is talking about.

 Daniel tries to talk Melanie into making peace with Philip for the sake of the baby


No necklace.  No navel. 

No complaints.

Philip accuses Carly of being a hypocrite

"You murdered your husband, you broke up Bo's marriage and you didn't tell anyone Melanie was your daughter until she was all grown up."

Both of them run into the Brady Pub and eventually Kate shows up.

Seriously. This show needs more sets.

"Let me warn you..."

"...things have to be handled very carefully."

...Except on Days.

Again.  And again.  And again.

Stefano accuses EJ of still being in love with Sami.  Again.  EJ tells Stefano he's never going to have feelings for Sami again.  Again. 

Stefano doesn't believe him.  Again.

Very uncool

Rafe tells Will he doesn't think it's "cool" for him to be making out with Gabi on the couch when his little brother or sister could walk in at any time. 

Until Caroline is healthy enough to have the kids dumped on her again, then you guys can do it in our bed for all I care.

"Stand-up comedy was never one of your strong suits, Grandad."

I disagree, Brady.

Brady and Victor argue over bringing Vivian back. Victor is reluctant to admit that it's all about setting up camp at the base of Big Red's candy mountain.

Brady accuses Victor of being a hypocrite, grabs his jacket and walks out. Where the hell he's going is beyond me. At least if he stays in the mansion the booze is free. Outside the only thing you get free with your hypocrites is styrofoam snow or cancer.

Short-term memory loss still runs rampant in Salem

Melanie doesn't understand why Daniel would want to have anything to do with Carly. 

Remember a couple of days ago when Melanie and Carly had that touching mother-daughter moment?  Yeah, me neither.

Will + Rafe= Wafe

I'm too much of a lady to give you the many definitions of "wafe" out there.  You'll just have to yourself.  No doubt, though, that with so many different definitions to choose from, you'll find one you think fits this pairing most.

Will asks Rafe if he thinks EJ will follow through on his promise and let Johnny and Sydney visit the Smugnest. Rafe says he hopes so but to look at the source.

"Yeah," Will snorts. "Nothing but lies."

H-okay, Will.

At this point there's a knock at the door and I can only hope it's Marco with a sack and the butt of his gun ready to deliver a death blow.

It turns out it's EJ and he's unarmed (unfortunately). Rafe and Will both roll their eyes when he asks if they're going to let him in or not. Will casts a vote for "not". This is seconds after wondering if EJ is going to stay true to his word. He shows up at the bloody Hernandez Hovel and they're debating whether or not to let him in.

"You know, for a second there I thought you and Sami might be --"

Would I watch this episode?  It's actually a pretty good episode.  A little on the dull side, but there's a nice little moment between Nicole and Johnny at the end, and a heartwarming little scene with Kate and Philip (enjoy them while you can).  And, as previously mentioned, Ejeffy is awesome. 
Watching Will and Gabi groping on the couch (I'm guessing they were going for "horny teenagers" but Will might as well have been hovering over Nigel) only makes it clearer that Chill is the way to go with Chandler.  I like Chandler Massey.  I honestly do.  He's funny and adorable when he isn't hopping around Rafe like he's made of Beggin' Strips. 

There's just no chemistry with Gabi, although I'm not sure Gabi is going to click with anyone.  She's cute but I'm getting nothing from her.  Runs in the family, I guess.


  1. Thanks Diggy <3 Can't wait for the Ejeffy scenes :)

  2. I think WAFE are more into "Bubble Bathing".

  3. It is nice to see Days never fails in the fodder dept..
    Loved your snark and MJ/LM comparison to Will and Gabi...bang on!


  4. Perfect snarky take on this episode. A number of entertaining and WTF moments, but overall just fodder . . .

    As always Diggy, thanks for the daily snark. I couldn't get through these daze without you!

  5. Fantastic take (as usual) on what was undoubtedly another brain dead epi...
    Loved the "Victor is reluctant to admit that it's all about setting up camp at the base of Big Red's candy mountain" bit! Just the thought that Vic is scheming to score with Mags is so damn cute! Couldn't you just pinch him?
    And I'm still OMG-ing and snort-laffing over WAFE! Oh, the education to be gleaned from the UrbanDictionary!

    Thanks for bringing the lolz, diggy/Jane/O High Priestess of Snark!

  6. Thanks, Diggy. You make my pain almost bearable! Your take on the show is more enjoyable than the actual show itself.

  7. Had to come back in to say that I just got more info than I think I needed from the UrbanDictionary. It is amazing how several of the definitions of WAFE fit our pairing! LOL

  8. Yep, I don't need a dictionary, Urban or otherwise, to tell me why the scene with Will and Gabi on the chesterfield was awkward. Sure you're into Gabi, Will. Suuuuuuurrrrrre! (now I AM going to check out wafe at the UD!)

    Great commentary, I'm so glad you started this up!