Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Marco (Less Rafe)

I'm still thinking about starting a 'More Marco' campaign, and I thought a good place to start would be to make a banner featuring Steve Bruns, aka. The man behind the Marco.  And, of course, there's a  second banner without the "less rafe" bit, although why you'd be happy with the current Rafe to Marco ratio is beyond me.  I won't judge, though.  Pfft.  Who am I kidding?  Yes, I will.

Got Marco?

Spread the love, people.


  1. Now this is definitely a campaign I can get behind (esp. The "less Rafe" part)!

  2. Love this. Rafe is such a tool. And SAFE is even more annoying. My finger is on the FF button most times. Rafe would be hotter if he wasn't such a dweeb. That's why I think Brady is the hottest. But I think they pencil his eyebrows way too much - the colour seems off from the rest of his face?
    And I prefer Brady scowling like a badboy - not smiling. Don't care for hi smile too much (even though he has nice white teeth)....

    The actor who plays Rafe is actually likeable in Crystal Chappell's web soap opera "Venice"....i actually like him on that show.