Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You and Me Against the World

So yesterday, EJ and Sami did the no-pants-dance in a bed.  Obviously this is a huge deal because they haven’t had sex in a bed since 2008, and even then it ended with Sami chasing after Lucas, followed by my lady boner deflating faster than you can say “short, short man”.  This time it ended with those six little words I’ve longed to hear since 2006.  “I love you. I trust you.” Be still my long-suffering, withered little heart!

So EJ and Sami had sex in a bed.  I’m just going to get it out of the way now because you know I’m going to say it.  What the hell was up with that music?  It sounded like Astrud Gilberto’s younger, far less talented sister.  You may or may not remember “Feel the Heat” from Rafe and Carrie’s horrifying office ice cube-play about a year ago.  If you managed to repress the memory of that, let me know your secret.  I have nothing against music being played during a sex scene, because in most cases it enhances it, but it’s supposed to enhance the scene the same way lighting or camera angles would – it’s a single component among several used to create the desired ambience.  This particular music was an assault on the senses (well, mine anyway).  Feel the heat indeed.

Aside from that, I actually loved the scenes.  They were a little dark, but I’ve noticed that TPTB seem to be trying new stuff with the lighting, and for that I commend them.  Trial and error, and all that.  If nothing else, the Stefano murder-mystery last year looked amazing.  Last week, when Will caught Sonny and Brian kissing through the blinds of the coffeehouse, I couldn’t see a damn thing.  So I think the lesson here is try, and fail, but don’t fail to try.

I loved all the breathing and panting, the sound of clothing being removed, etc.  If it makes me a pervert, so be it.  I’m a pervert.  After Sami’s epiphany last week in which she embraced her long-standing connection with EJ, and EJ’s unwavering determination to win the heart of the woman he’s loved for almost seven years, a little panting, clutching and heavy-breathing is expected.  Welcome, even! 

The shots of the two of them in bed were so well done and very effective, particularly the ones through the curtains.  EJ and Sami were in their own world, and, save their children, nothing else existed beyond the perimeters of that bed.  Through their usual easy banter and candidness, they laid the groundwork for the next step in their relationship, which is leaving that room and going toe-to-toe with the string of glasshouse-dwellers waiting with pockets full of stones outside.

For the time being, Stefano is a non-issue, though there’s no doubt he’s going to try to interfere with his son’s private life eventually.  Sami’s insecurities are the loose floorboards in this particular glasshouse.  She finally admitted that she’s cared about and desperately sought out her family’s approval at the expense of her own happiness for far too long, but telling the man you love that your judgmental family can fuck off when you’re on a deserted island and that family is a whole world away is a helluva lot easier than it's going to be when she leaves the island and washes back up on the not-so-sunny shores of Salem.  Sometimes old habits are hard to break.

Let’s see how this whole thing goes down, shall we?


  1. Once again, hats off to you, Diggy, for your perfect description of these scenes.

    I didn't like the song, but I've fixed that with mute. As for the scenes being a little dark, it is, as you say, nice to see them experimenting, even if isn't always entirely successful. I enjoyed the actual lovemaking scenes - I thought they were well-done by both Ali and James. In any case, at least for me, these scenes were about the emotional rather than the physical act itself and they scored right down the line for me.

  2. I think everyone noticed the music but like Krista said, it was fixable. The second time I watched these scenes, I was able to appreciate it more because I muted the music.
    What I liked the most about these scenes was that Sami didn't run away. She cuddled next to EJ and told him she loved him. That emotional side was missing in the May 2008 napping.

    Great blog Diggy! I hope we get another sex scene soon :P

    1. I want the next sex scene at CW in EJ office(desk)lol

  3. Well you are right about the music..I rewatch on YT Krista channel and mute.Love when Sami said"I trust you."to me it was BIG more then ILY.Everything you said it so ture so Kuddos to you for another excellent blog

  4. OOOOH la la... well it was worth it after all wasn't it? The #Ejasm didn't fail to satisfy and bring an entire panting, crying fandom along with it on waves of joy! <3 U