Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Sigh That Launched a Thousand Ships

Ejami Fleet Week is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. 

Yesterday’s episode was another one for the books.  After Sami’s earnest plea to be given another chance was answered, there was kissing.  Lots of kissing.  There was also Rafe.  Cock-blocking Rafe.  Ever-dickish Rafe.  He banged on that door like there was a pile of Christmas tamales bursting into flames on a grill on the other side.  While normally I welcome his presence on my TV screen like I’d welcome canker sores into my mouth, I was happy to see the guy.  For once he actually enhanced a scene, helping to showcase EJ and Sami’s new/not-so-new dynamic as a bona fide couple.


EJ, almost always perfectly confident in Sami’s ability to face adversity on her own, stood in the background and watched her do her thing.  Every once in a while he’d interject with a comment, but otherwise he was perfectly happy to stand aside and let Sami go at Rafe.  After years of watching Rafe shove his way between Sami and EJ during so many of their confrontations, this was such a breath of fresh air.  EJ knows better than anyone exactly who Sami is and what she’s capable of.  I mean, how could he not?

After Rafe left, that’s when the really wonderful stuff happened.

EJ was gliding cautiously around the parameter of the apartment, looking as though he was afraid he’d accidentally shake a shoe loose from a tree, causing it to drop into the middle of the room.  Sami was wondering why he wasn’t trying to chew the buttons off her cardigan and motorboat her.  Both Sami and the viewers are not used to this EJ.  EJ is usually suave, confident (frequently overconfident), and very comfortable in his own skin (and trying to get into Sami’s skin).  

Carrie Brady's little sister.

For a moment or two, Sami became Carrie’s awkward, insecure little sister again.  EJ and Sami were experiencing equal amounts of uneasiness and emotional vulnerability, coming to the slow realization that, in that moment, there was nothing keeping them from each other.  There was no knife dangling over their heads, no big secrets or skeletons waiting to tumble out of the closet, no stuffed toy penguins peeking out from behind the throw pillows on the sofa.  The next time someone banged on the door, they’d be answering that door together.  And, as EJ described it, it was “utterly petrifying”.  For me it was utterly worth the wait.

In my most humble opinion the most beautiful moment was that sweet sigh they shared.  It was as though they’d been out on a long, harrowing journey, and finally found themselves home.  Demons were fought, dragons were slain, and now, with the battle won, our soldiers could rest.  Sami admitted she’d been blind and stupid, and EJ admitted that it was “always her”, and I wished I was a smoker because I needed a cigarette after all that.

Le sigh.

So what happens now?  EJ and Sami united within the four walls of that apartment is one thing, but EJ and Sami weathering the outside world is an entirely new kind of war.  Sami says she’s ready to tell her family to shove it, and I believe her this time, but we already have Hope begging Rafe to “reconsider” giving up on Sami, though how he’s supposed to reconsider being dumped like a dead fat guy at sea is quite beyond me.  How will Caroline react to finding out that the victor is the Victor in all of this?  And how is Marlena’s quickly unravelling mental and emotional stability going to handle the possibility of having not one, but two DiMera in-laws?

No, really.  I need a cigarette.


  1. Awesome posting! The last paragraph has me so giddy! Ejami are finally together but they have a lot to deal with. I can't wait for them to tackle them... together.

  2. Sami was wondering why he wasn’t trying to chew the buttons off her cardigan and motorboat her.

    And the audience wondered the same thing.

    You've hit another nail on the head, knocked it out of the park, and wrote another winner.

    I can't wait to read your next edition after Monday's EPIC episode.

  3. I always enjoy reading your slant on days, but I relished it today because there will be Ejami. For the first time in 7 years I am looking forward to watching Days again and not picking & choosing the days I watch. In you wondering about Chompers (Caroline) ....she & Gabi are going to urge Ralph to not give up on Sami..Give it up!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for your awesome have such a way with words...THUMBS UP....
    Dorothy Galanis..

  4. Awesome, Diggy! Loved EJ letting Sami go at it with Rafe. Amazing how that one action says so much about the respect EJ has for Sami.

  5. Well I admit when you said it was fleet week my first thought was "but I don't need an enema..." If you're old enough you'll get the joke. If not, have a baby! It's de rigueur.
    ANYHOO! I felt as awkward as E.J. but I loved how the writers (yes these same ones I've wanted to kill for the back end of 2012) addressed all the comical plot devices(what did Alex call it? Coitus interuptus?) to their consumating their love year after year after year. E.J. has had more practice at dousing a hard-on than any other soap character ever! I'm so glad those blue balls will finally see some regular action! Love you, love your blog <3

  6. Diggy, as usual you provided an insightful description and interpretation of scenes that many of us have been waiting nearly 7 years for. Bravo! <3

  7. Once again, great post! It makes me a little happy to start watching Days again but I'll wait because I am tired of Sami's wishy washy attitude when it comes to Ej. Seems as though Ej has matured so much since last year. I like what I read. Can't wait for your updates.

  8. Look at you blogging like crazy. LOL Hee, that sigh was my favorite moment as well. And the banter & the kiss that preceded it. I haven't seen Sami that glowing & happy in a really really long time. Monday's episode is gonna be quite the something.