Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And They Shall Be Smoten

After my physical this morning, I practically ran home to be on my couch with a Shamrock Shake I picked up along the way in hand at 1 pm sharp.  I haven't rushed home to watch an episode of any show - soap or other - in ages, and it put quite an extra bit of spring in my step.

On another note, I can now add "getting a pap smear" to the list of things I'd rather be doing than watching Gabi bobbling her head of dark, wavy locks around while she tries to work the muscles of her face in an effort to register any other facial expressions besides surprised and "willy, willy sad".


Vargas has been on the show for about twenty seconds here and there, and he already has a richer backstory than Cameron who's been on the show for what feels like twenty years.  As mentioned yesterday, Sean Douglas is most likely another talented actor in a long line of talented actors that Days hires short-term who more than carries his own weight within his storyline before his character ends up kicking the bucket or being shipped out to a prison on Bouvet Island, but I'm already drawn to him.  I want he and Chad to become bar bros.  Chad's a DiMera after all.  I like the idea of him having his very own hired goon.

Damn. I miss Bart.

Ah, well.  For now, I'm perfectly happy with Vargas being the crocodile to Nick's nefarious Captain Hook.  Tick tock, you sociopathic, bigoted piece of garbage.


Eric, I'm still a little angry with you.  Your behaviour yesterday cut kind of deep.  I'm not sure if it was your chat with Vargas, or the pap smear, but I felt a little tingly watching you do your priest thing this afternoon.  I especially liked that you didn't try to foist God on Vargas.  Please don't turn this into a "He will die a horrible, fiery death because he didn't accept Jesus into his heart" story.

Today, Eric took another stab at trying to guess Rumplestiltskin's name, and again it's looking as though he's going to miss.  Poor boy needs to just stop, look and listen before trying to cross that street to the secret Nicole is keeping from him again.  I don't want this thing with Eric and Nicole to be rushed, and that's why I really hope their conversations won't keep going in circles.  I'm surprised he hasn't accused Nicole of being hung up on Roman yet.


When I spotted an upcoming scene between Nicole and Chloe in the spoilers last week, I was looking forward to it.  But it ended up being rather joyless to watch.  Vapid, juvenile, (barely) single-minded Chloe and grown-up Nicole have no chemistry.  They were fun as martini-swilling bosom besties once upon a time, but those Days have come and gone.    But it was very Christmas Carol-esque seeing Nicole essentially looking at a woman trying to pull the kind of nonsense on Daniel that she herself pulled on Eric, Brady, EJ, and Daniel many moons ago.  Let's hope Nicole wakes up on Christmas morning having learned something from today.


It's painfully obvious watching these scenes that Kate is on the outside of this storyline looking in right now, and that is utterly depressing.  My hunch tells me that Kate will be let out of the gate at about the same time Rafe will, at which point either they'll forge together to become the Wonder Twins Mk. II, or they'll be at complete odds with each other, resulting in Rafe going back to looking down his nose at Kate and possibly eventually fucking Hope.  

My mind really went for a tumble there, didn't it?  

So Lauren Koslow is finally getting the amount of screen time she deserves, but it's not playing Kate, which is a damn shame.

I wasn't sure what Sonny was going on about when he kept telling Kate he wished he'd been around "back then".  Back when?  Sonny's been around.  Will and Gabi are the dim bulbs who have been acting irresponsibly here.  Sonny can't be expected to babysit the boy.  Nick has been a huge dick, but he's been supportive of Gabi, too, in his own twisted way.  

If Gabi had bothered taking any responsibility for any of this instead of sitting back and letting Rafe blame Will for not double-bagging it, and letting Nick "handle" Sami, none of this would be happening right now.  Will spent more time telling people he was going to handle things on his own than actually handling things on his own.  That wouldn't have changed no matter how early on you got involved, Sonny, because Will still thinks he can do everything on his own.  In the now, all you can be is wonderful, clever, protective you.  Don't be the wings, baby.  Just be the wind beneath them.  Yeah, I totally just said that.


Rafe gave an ecstatic Nick and Gabi his blessing.  Anyone care?  Moving on.


The mere idea of smiting their enemies turned these two on like whoa.  I have to admit, I get it.  I get a little hot when I look into the fruit fly trap we keep on the kitchen counter in the summertime.  After a breath or two, or three, or three hundred, Sami and EJ emerged from their sex haze just long enough to come up with a more rational, marginally less illegal way of getting rid of Nick.  Then there was more sex.

In between all that sex and scheming, there were also moments of tenderness.  I don't just mean the skin on EJ's back or Sami's bottom lip, though I'm sure that's all going to be feeling pretty damn tender tomorrow.  Sami and EJ are in deep, dark, indelible love, and their freak flags are flying high from their bedposts.


Awwwww yissss....

Also, just because people seemed to enjoy it so much yesteday...


  1. Diggy..always love reading your blog.

  2. Good post, almost as good as all that EJami sexing & scheming. :D Vargas should totally replace Marco as the hot DiMera henchman, since we don't seem to know where Marco went...? Hope would make a better match for Rafe than Kate currently does. I, too, wanted to see Lauren Koslow more on my screen but not so Kate could stay in the dark & on the sidelines of things. Hope's smugness would match better with Rafe. I see things are back to adorable normal where Eric is concerned. LOL @ Nicole's typo.

  3. Wonderful blog Diggy!

    Once again, we are in complete accord.

  4. Yep! I can't type very well 'cause my hands are kinda shaky. My blood pressure went through the roof for some unknown reason earlier today. #Ejasm! But of course I agree with every clever word you write! Luv you, luv your blog!

  5. I already enjoy Vargas on-screen now let's just hope he doesn't become the fall-guy as the big bad villain 'du jour' in order to make Nick look better (and i like Nick and above all BB's portrayal of Nick but still be smart writers for once !) the way i miss you Andrew (Gaby burn in
    Ej and Sami are just everything and now let's just hope the writers don't fucked it up too much and too soon otherwise..bye bye..(yep Tomlin i just don't trust him after YEARS of bs, i don't trust him, he better 'behave' ..ha).

  6. I love every delicious minute of Ejami's insatiable romp in the bed. The hater's can't say they have never been a couple now.
    Psycho, Creepy Nick, IMO will be killed by Vargas. I used to like Nick, but like Sami *I want him gone*
    I always love to read your posts...

  7. Love it Diggy. You're always on point.

  8. I was wondering if Samantha and EJ have come across Nicole's flyer: Sex ways to reunite...! Maybe they are its inspiration! I know they absolutely inspire me... LOL!

    Diggy, you are wonderful and as EJ would say: «I adore everything about you» when it comes to your blog, your tweets and your unbelievable imagination!! Please never stop!!

    Thank you!!