Friday, March 8, 2013

A Slow and Steady Groove

People have been talking non-stop about EJ and Sami rolling in the deep while talking about Nick rolling in the deep with the fishes.  They're the belles of the blue balls, and one question I've seen popping up is whether or not Days would ever give a Will/Sonny sex scene the same treatment.  

The thing is, those sex scenes were very plot, couple and character-specific.  There was dialogue between all that heavy breathing that was important to the plot, so that spared us from the crappy music we'd normally have been exposed to.  You know how soap sex scenes usually go.  There's some kissing, the music kicks in, there's a little undressing, then there's some undulating under the sheets, crossfade to a couple of different angles of neck-kissing, the woman silently throwing her head back, then the post-coital "Wow. That was so good. I feel like some eggs. You want some eggs, or some orange juice or something?" pillow talk.

Anyone else find it ridiculous that Gabi and Will's sex scene last
year got more screentime than Will and Sonny have yet to get?

Sex scenes like the two-day EJ/Sami feast we got are still relatively new to Days, and Wilson hasn't even gotten their own old-school soapy love scene, let alone the gasping, clutching, and pelvic thrusting EJ and Sami got. They've only had one scene that faded to black far too soon.  I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility, though. Brian unbuckling Sonny's belt was actually quite a milestone for daytime.  What?! Gay men have dicks?  They don't just give their female friends makeovers and hold hands?  No, ma'am.  Gay men have penises, and just like straight men, they like to use them.  And just like straight women, they like to play hide-and-seek with them.  Will had that shower fantasy, and that was something.  Gay, naked penis in the shower!  Gay, naked penis in the shower!  Oh, my GOD!  Two gay, naked penises in the shower! TWO GAY, NAKED PENISES IN THE SHOWER!

I know you were thinking he was doing what I was thinking he was doing.

I think Days is moving slowly but surely towards giving Wilson the sex scenes we're craving.  We've seen Will and Sonny dressed, we've seen them undressing, and we've seen them undressed.  Now we just need to see them go from A all the way to C without stopping.  I'm ready for it, but the reality is that not everyone is.  Days has been doing a pretty damn good job of easing people who might not have been entirely comfortable with the idea of a gay love story in the beginning into becoming emotionally invested in these two characters, and I think they'll continue to do so.  Rome was not built in a day.   

Right now Nick is the homophobic asshole determined to keep Will from being a part of his daughter's life.  This means that for the next little while we'll probably be stuck with dewy-eyed, pouty-lipped, non-threatening, asexual Will, which is a bit of a drag, because it might mean that unless the eye of Sonny's tiger is unleashed, we won't be getting a good sex scene from these two anytime soon.  Any sex that happens between them is going to have to be initiated by an "aggressor" (Someone like Brian, for example), and there just isn't anyone to fill that role at the moment.  But we'll see.  Maybe Will will become so overwhelmed by Sonny's support that he'll try to mount him in a changeroom at the GAP.  Or maybe Sonny will channel EJ and Sami and get all hot and bothered after beating the crap out of Nick.  One of those.

Will wants it, needs it, and goes in for it.

These past two weeks have been a revelation.  A fired-up Sonny is infinitely more compelling than safe, supportive, gay life coach Sonny, who we've sort of been stuck with for far too long.  I know Sonny and Will love each other, but I'm greedy.  I want to see Sonny and Will want each other, too.  I want to see Sonny overcome with desire, frustration, anger, need - all that good stuff.  He's watching his boyfriend caught up in all this emotional turmoil, looking completely lost, but stubbornly refusing to accept anyone's help, including his and Justin's.  Sure, Will doesn't want Justin to know his son's boyfriend tried to kill someone, but Will isn't giving Sonny or his father the benefit of the doubt here (particularly Justin, who tried to have Emilio killed but ended up in a wheelchair instead).  Wouldn't that make Sonny go just a little mad with frustration?  If Sami and EJ can fuck the pain away, I'm pretty sure Sonny and Will could give it a shot.  At least it would let them forget the world seemingly falling apart all around them for a little while.

So, to make a long, long story short (too late for that, I guess), and to answer a question I forgot I was supposed to be answering, I think Sonny and Will will eventually get to writhe, moan, and undulate with the rest of Salem.  Like anything good, it'll just take some time.  I have a feeling that Days knows Wilson are worth it.

So now I'm asking you - what is it that you're looking for in a Sonny/Will sex scene?  What was it about EJ and Sami's two-day romp that makes you want the same for Wilson?  Do you think Days will ever "go there"?  Sound off if I haven't put you to sleep.

Until next time.


  1. Diggy,
    I must start by saying that you are truly an inspiring writer. Your imagination has no boundaries, and personally, your ideas make me reflect much deeper than I initially think they would make me.

    On that note, I’ll break the ice and say that I’ve been giving some thought to your question. How would I imagine a memorable Sonny-Will sex scene?

    Being an heterosexual woman, I admit not having fantasized much in my life about what I’d be looking for in a gay men explicit scene on Daytime! So I can’t graphically describe much on the unambiguous «panorama» I would be hoping for...
    I can only explain what kind of emotion I would be eager to experience through it or at least would like to see in those shots. Hopefully, there would have to be lust and aching desire for one another. There would have to be a ferocious animal-like eagerness/need to be so close to the loved-one, it would make each character stop breathing! There would have to be tenderness as well as aggressiveness. There would have to be tears, even more so than sweat. There would have to be such intensity that viewers would not want to miss any detail all the while feeling totally intrusive on something that isn’t their business!

    Even if they have amazing talent, I don’t know if Chandler and Freddie could deliver as much intensity as I would be hoping for. How many actors can pull that off?

    To this day, I can honestly say that I’ve seen one couple do it better than any other, whether on TV or even in films: that would be James and Alison as EJ and Samantha. This week’s episodes were crazy sexy. That’s undeniable. But I still have chills from the grief-sex event. I could talk for hours about how it so profoundly moved me and how I never saw anything so poetic in my life! I could talk forever about how impressed I was that without any text to deliver, only facial expressions, gazing eyes, tears building up, looks that don’t see and most of all, emotion filled silences, Alison and James came across as a grieving man and woman suffering from the most dramatic loss anyone could experience.

    In my opinion, and many can make fun of me (I’d still believe in my theory!), James and Alison succeed in this «tour de force» because they TRULY are attracted to each other; to the point that their fictional couple is part of who they are in real life... To make it look so real, it HAS TO BE REAL in some unexplainable way. I mean, it is reasonable they would feel physical attraction for each other, given the indisputable beautiful anatomy and striking charm they both were given!! But more than a crush, there is such true magnetism between them that even through a TV screen, thousands of viewers feel it too. You cannot fake that! I mean, I FEEL their pheromones thousands of miles away!!!

    I love Chandler and Freddie. Their interpretation of Will and Sonny is one of the reasons the gay storyline is so successful with daytime fans. I sincerely hope they can continue giving their characters deepness and credibility. I will continue rooting for Wilson even if their intimacy leaves more to our imagination than what is shown on screen.

    Thank you Diggy! Hope I wasn’t too chatty!!

  2. Well! I also got a bit of a woody from fired up Sonny. I personally cannot wait for Ejami type love scenes for WilSOn and I think they will happen soon. As a passionate fan of the Showtime series Queer As Folk, I can tell you that I get the same thrill, and feel the same hope for WilSon that I felt for Brian and Justin. For me whether a love scene is between a man and woman or 2 men or 2 women, as long as they are believably in love and I am invested in that relationship (a shipper) then it is HOT! I think that Chandler and Freddie do seem to genuinely care about each other. I don't think that it is necessary for actors to be "in love" but that caring comes through the screen in their tender looks, tender touch and sweet kisses. I love everything about WilSon and I hope they stay together until the show finally ends forever.

  3. I don't have much to add, except to say that it's only fair that WilSon get the same type of love scenes that the heterosexual couples like EJami do. Kudos to Days though for going where no other soap had dared to go before. Easing their audience into it by upping the sexiness one notch further every time WilSon have sex is 1 way to go about it, as long as Days doesn't cave to the pressures & criticisms of the homophobic portion of their conservative audience.

  4. Ej and Sami did not have TWO days of love/sex fest, they had ONE full episode and just two last minutes from the day before of sexy time last week, it is not two days come on although i agree Wilson did not have that..yet but they had months and months of major flirting and kissing, dating time without interruption, shower fantasy..something Ej and Sami did not have. Also Wilson is written as a pairing with not so much interloper (hello Brian is not a real menace, everybody knows that), everybody root for them in Salem (well except Nick but yep you know it is Nick..we know he is they are two great guys, most of the time noble guys and for soap standards, Days standards it means couple that is here to stay, everybody from Salem's 'good citizens' root for them..writers will make sure of that they are THE couple. Whereas in Ej and Sami's case, you have real menaces, interlopers (Rafe, Lucas..anyone ?), you always have that.. the character's more than volatile history, the mortal enemy feud from their families, the writing who most of time is not in their favor..come on we waited something like 7 freaking years for something REAL happen and still it is pretty likely sooner or later something will come between them..let's not kid ourselves..Wilson on the other hand were in the same orbit almost instantly when Sonny came on the canvas with always stable and full-on positive writing (yep there is/was angst but always positive angst) and became a real couple with total rooty writing just one year ago (maybe even less) from the get go, after this Sonny's intro. So me thinks Wilson don't need to be envious, they get it pretty easy to say the least and i am sure in time (and even pretty soon time) they will have a full day of sexy time. I don't worry..i am more worried for Ej and Sami and their longevity actually.

    1. First of all, thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. :)

      This blog entry isn't about relationships or interlopers or how easy one couple has had it over the other, because, yes - Will and Sonny have had it much, MUCH easier, no question. This entry is solely about sex scenes and how Will and Sonny haven't really been given the same treatment every other soap couple on Days has as of yet. It was in response to Wilson fans asking on Twitter and message boards whether or not their couple would ever get the same kind of sex scene EJ and Sami shared last week. :)

      Again, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! :)

    2. ok got it, love your blog by the way : very sophisticated and well-thought good job.

  5. They may not have had their eggs yet, but Will will always have these chips.

  6. But enought about chips, back to your question. Will wants nothing but a safe, stable, warm and loving place he can call home and of course he really wants that to be with Sonny and eventually baby daughter too. When Will knows he has that, I think he will be ready to go all the way and plow Sonny's field with gusto. You see, Will is an ultimate sex kitten. He is surely his mother's son and is ready to thrive on some hot and aggressive Sonny lovin'. Oh, and no, your blog doesn't put me to sleep. I really enjoy it.

  7. Finally, and even more to the point, DOOL could make it clear who might be the flowers and who the vase and I think Will should have 1st go at it (being the flowers that is) because I really sense that. So that means certain choreography needs to happen in an artful way so that the viewers get that idea. There should be no guessing. NBC might dare to show Will's desire and Sonny's pleasure in that situation, nez pas? And, no, I don't care if showing that ruffles any feathers, especially if NBC is looking forward without fear. Good night folks!

    1. flowers and vase? are you always submissive or dominant in your lovelife? Sounds like a pretty antiquated perception of a loving gay relationship. Pitcher/catcher? Top/Bottom? This isn't 1980. Let's not go back there.

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