Tuesday, May 21, 2013

EJ & Sami: A Sweet Disorder

I wasn't going to do a blog about EJ and Sami's fight-flight-afternoon-delight, but come on. I had to do it. This was the first real test EJ and Sami faced as an army of two. I don't remember much about all those boring military documentaries Alex watches, but I do remember something about the Roman's using a "triangle" fighting formation, where they'd form a triangle to force a wedge into the usual row-on-row fighting formation. Hope, Gabi, Daniel and the rest of Salem tried to drive a wedge between EJ and Sami, and it almost worked. Sami and EJ regrouped, though, and came out victorious. Also, there was sex.

For a change, the words "Sami, you're such a hypocrite" didn't pop into my head while she was yelling at EJ. She had every right to ask EJ if he had anything to do with Rafe's beating, and EJ had every right to be indignant about it.  Of course the two of them kept throwing more and more gasoline on the fire, with EJ acknowledging that a phonecall was made, but refusing to tell Sami what it was about, and Sami pelting him with more and more "evidence" that made him a prime suspect for the crime.

If you're both going to hell, can I sit in the backseat? I'll be really quiet.

When EJ got fed up at the coffee shop and told Sami to "go to hell", two things happened. The first was my jaw hitting the floor and me doing one of those elaborate "Oh, HELL NAW" neck cranes. The second was me launching a fist pump accompanied by a "You GO, EJ!" because, really. You go, boy! Letting the likes of Gabi and Hope worm their way into your head and lay eggs, Sami? Please. 

EJ flatly telling Sami she could stand by him or sleep on Aunt Hope's couch was fantastic. Oh, how our EJ has grown. He's not putting up with any flip-flopping this time around. Brilliant.  As for Sami, isn't it wonderful seeing her in a relationship where she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty? Love is messy, right? She laid the means, motive and opportunity out on the table like a pro, so she wasn't just talking out of her ass. She was using her mind and giving EJ a piece of it.  There was also sex.

EJ was so angry that he drank an already opened
bottle of champagne like a hobo.

This is the EJ and Sami I always knew I could have but thought I'd never get. They manufacture their own angst, but they're resilient as hell. The very nature of their relationship right now requires constant emotional growth from both EJ and Sami to survive, at least for the time being. A couple of weeks ago, Sami had to learn to trust that EJ loves her and everything there is to her.  Now EJ has to learn to trust that Sami won't leave him at the drop of Rafe's hat. This is the kind of growth I want to see. Nicole learning that she needs to get the hell out of EJ's way when he's in a mood and has a glass in his hand, or Sami learning that if she talks back to Rafe, she'll be sleeping alone that night and may have to loofah his back in the shower the next morning isn't the kind of growth I'm interested in.

Neither EJ nor Sami really won this argument. EJ finally admitted he wasn't the one behind making all my Rafe-in-a-coma dreams come true, and Sami's face beamed as she hiccuped a little sob of relief when EJ's reluctant admission confirmed what she already knew - that Salem is full of useless cops, stripping doctors, and enough hypocrites to shake a lead pipe at.

Oh...and did I mention there was also sex? There was also sex.


  1. Perfect blog, Diggy - such a wonderful description of a perfect set of Ejami scenes.

  2. I think the "go to hell" remark had us all fist pumping and doing air high fives!

  3. What I really loved about this episode (besides the hot, amazing sex) is that EJ and Sami were EJ and Sami, both strong, stubborn and willing to throw down. Both were right and both were wrong and in the end the anger let out in a very EJami way... very very hot sex!

    The other thing I love is that really puts and end to all the 'EJ is Sami's lapdog' crappola in a very hot and sexy way!!! EJ was no lapdog and Sami gave as good as she got!!

  4. As always it was a great blog. Sami has to accept that everyone in Salem hate Ej and everytime something happens Sami will be hearing about it. Hopes half-arse apology was sure shot down by Ej...by the truth. And Ej has to understand that through the years he has been a constant put down by her family and everyone in Salem. Trust and honesty with each other...but it's oh so much fun when they make up. :-)