Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New Adventures of Old Days: A Promo PBP

Okay.  Colour me officially excited.  The promo looks amazing.

I know the promo is only just over a minute long, but it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing – sucking me into its beautiful, warm, sudsy vortex.
Tom and Alice tribute?  Fantastic.  Several nods to Days history?  Sweet.  More than three different camera angles?  Sweet.  Lights that don’t melt faces clear off their skulls faster than a lost ark?  Love it.  Hooker count: zero?  Proceed.

Marlena and John.  As you already know, I’m not a big fan.  I have to admit, though, that I got a little misty-eyed when Doc majestically wheeled her man in to all that applause.  Am I wondering why the hell he’s being arrested?  Hellz yeah.  Am I wondering why he was suddenly able to walk by the end of that promo?  Yes, but not in a “one second Jen’s having her heart ripped out of her chest, the next she’s eating a cheeseburger at the Brady Pub” kind of way.  I have a lot more faith in these writers.  It’ll make sense.  It just has to.

I’m indifferent to Carrie and Austin’s return at the moment, but my heart did skip quite the beat when Sami’s breath hitched in her throat as her tongue tripped over her teenage obsession’s name.  I don’t really want to go back there, as that triangle has been played ‘til the pawn shop won’t take it, but therein that half a second doth bad-ass Sami’s salvation lie.  And did you see the hemlines on those Brady sisters’ dresses?  See you next Tuesday, ladies!  So nice to be reminded of how good Sami cleans up.
In a mere ten seconds, Matt Ashford reminds us all (in case some of us may have forgotten) why Jack is a force to be reckoned with.  Tasting the cake he’s just swan-dived into before giving Jennifer that million dollar grin of his… Oh, yes. Jack is back. Plus…you know…cake. 

Aww, Jennifer.  Jack just brought you back to life quicker than the good Doctor Dan ever did, and without the aid of a scalpel, a respirator, or a hysterical Melanie.  Was he just about to propose to Jennifer?  Jack – master of both comedic and romantic timing.
In case you were worried, Rafe is just as wooden as ever.  He delivers a single line in the promo (“John Black, you are under arrest”) with all the intensity of a kid whose parents forced him to call his crazy aunt and thank her for the pink bunny costume she sent him for Christmas.

Oh, Rafe.  Will you never change?  Ever?  No, really.

Victor’s proposal is just the soapiest, isn’t it?  My heart is all a-flutter.  Oh – and Big Red’s face being mirrored by Little Red?  Darling.

I originally thought the man goosing his blonde lady friend there in the background was Quinn, but kind reader Dee pointed out that it's actually Chad and Abby.  Blast these eyes o' mine!  Thank you, Dee, for your much more useful ones!

Another romantic couple I'm thrilled to see is still together?  Stefano and Kate, of course.

Oh, hey...EJ running for mayor and wearing a new suit and tie?  Ejasmic and very DiMeriakisBring it.

Oh, just one more.

So far I like what I see on the New Adventures of Old Days.  Mission accomplished, guys.  I’m RSVPing.  I will be looking forward to sampling your wares on September 26th.


  1. Diggy, Wonderful as always. Jack always did know how to make an entrance. Now if we could just figure out a way to get EJ covered in cake too.....yummy! Rotflmao at the Christmas Story reference. Maybe we need to have a DOOL viewing party. I'll bring the cake.
    -Jennifer Steir

  2. There is only ONE man who can make "Days" GOOD again!!!!!! =) ♥♥♥♥♥♥ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc7Z4J9kOdI !!!!!! =) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. It's so good to see Jack Deveraux again! I'm gonna fangirl so hard if they make him cross paths again with our delicious EJ. I found a clip dated back from August 2006 when Abby first met EJ Wells the race car driving superstar and Jack said he covered the European circuits at some point and saw first hand how EJ operates.

  4. Well "Jane" I am so glad this promo has your sweet little heart a pumpin'. I just hope we aren't disappointed by the reset. I have to say I have enjoyed the recent weeks far more than the past year...I hope that feeling continues. Bope however is slowly killing me with each painful scene...

  5. Oh that comment was not meant to be anonymous...I will own it...
    La la la love your blog ;)

  6. I gotta admit I'm excited. Mainly for Jack, but it looks like other stuff might be kinda good too. I have mixed feelings about the cake entrance. It was with a bang, but we need our intelligent, witty, suave, clever, snarky, devious Jack---without crossing the buffoon line as Langan's writing for him did in 2001. A little worried, but hoping for the best. There's a place for slapstick with Jack, but it should not go too far. But one thing's for sure, as you said, Jennifer finally came to life. I love how obvious it was in that couple of seconds that Daniel is just an extra in a scene with Jack and Jennifer.

    I thought exactly the same thing about Rafe. Everything is looking so vibrant. Then Rafe speaks. Moment of blah.

  7. I loved the promo just as much as you did. I had the same expression as Melanie when I saw the Magic proposal. That COMPLETELY caught me off guard! It was such soapy goodness though. And OMG EJ in a suit and red tie. He could get it... all of it. Yum. I cannot wait for 9/26!

  8. I see both of us are sporting cups full of Days cheer! That promo got my soap-loving heart pumping with excitement for the reset. The Magic proposal, the Jack entrance, EJ's re-established dignity, the new sets and lovely clothes all promised good things! Yes, ralph's anemic delivery left me asking why he's still there, but even that twit isn't going to spoil it for me for at least a day. Here's hoping that this reset removes all that we found contemptible about Days 1.0.

    Great blog, as always!

  9. It looks like EJ finally got some new clothes!!!!!! everyday he wears the SAME WARDROBE: white shirt or pink shirt with jacket. But NOW, he has a white shirt and a RED tie!