Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From Daysaster to Disaster

 The ninth wonder of the world is that someone out there still
thinks Days could use more Rafe

I'm warning you in advance that this entry may be a tedious read because I'll be typing stuff as it's popping into my head, which is never a good thing.  Still, so much has happened since my last update that I felt like I needed to write something.  Explosions, death, destruction, groping, wormholes that have Salemites defying the laws of both time and space, elevator rescue foul-ups, resurrections, floral-print jeans, Gabi…

Where the hell was I?  I’ll tell ya where I was – drinking tea with my ass firmly glued to my seat.  I remained engrossed by it all; the good, the not-so-good, the awesome, and the infuriating.  And then the Daysaster and its aftermath came to a close.  And now we’re left with an altogether new kind of disaster.  But let’s talk about that later.  First… 

I’ll be honest with you – I kept my expectations for the Daysaster nice and low, just in case the best thing about it ended up being Marlena hitting herself in the face with that little dessert plate.  As you may remember, I found the Who Killed Stefano nonsense somewhat underwhelming.  By “somewhat”, of course, I mean “hella”, and by “underwhelming” I mean “bullshizz”.  The big event before that was the safe house explosion, and the less said about that, the better.  So expecting the Daysaster to be just that isn’t all that crazy an assumption.

Everything looked pretty damn good, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise as it would have less than two years ago.  The show’s production values have improved, for the most part, and I’ve yet to see them fall back on their asses where that’s concerned.  The music is still pretty bloody terrible and dated.  Someone behind the scenes either thinks they’re Thomas Newman, doesn’t realize how important music actually is to creating a mood, thinks I won’t notice it’s 2012 outside, or just doesn’t give a shit because they’re getting paid peanuts.


Matthew Ashford and Kate Mansi were wonderful, weren’t they?  They didn’t share nearly as many scenes as I’d wanted them to throughout his all-too-brief tenure on the show (though Matthew Ashford didn’t share nearly as many scenes with anyone as I’d wanted him to), but he and Kate Mansi (who rocked that blue romper) nailed those elevator scenes.  Thanks to her, I did far more crying than screaming.  I did bark a little bit when Jennifer complained to Cameron that charging into the elevator to save his daughter from plummeting to her death was “classic Jack”.  Evidently, standing around with your thumb up your ass while your daughter’s boyfriend has to take time out of his rescue efforts to give you a pep talk is “classic Jen”.  Also, Jack isn’t an idiot, despite what the writers for the past decade and a half would have us believe.  He would not be jumping up and down in an elevator, especially while his daughter is cowering in the corner begging him to stop.  What the hell was he going to do once he grabbed hold of that grate?  If he had to jump to grab the grate, how did he expect to climb out?  Okay, okay.  I’m being nit-picky.

Did you cry when Jack said, “This is not how your story ends”?  I cried.  I cried like a motherbugger.

I could go on and on about how much I hated Jack’s death and the circumstances surrounding it (like the fact that no one helped Jack hold the elevator doors open so he could get out once Abigail was through them), but that would have to be its own blog entry.  A very long, angry blog entry.  

I will say this – the wrong Deveraux died.  

Jack and Abigail had far more story in them than Jennifer and Abigail ever will.  For so many years, Jack’s storylines had revolved around trying to win Jennifer back.  He never had any other love interests.  What would happen to Jack in a world without Jennifer?  Would he run for mayor?  Would he start running the Salem Spectator again?  Would he be able to fall in love again, and what kind of woman would he fall for?  Jennifer has been the one constant in Abigail’s life as well, what with Jack being “classic Jack” all the time.  How would their relationship evolve?  I’d like to think she’d turn to Adrienne as a kind of surrogate mother, which would mean more Adrienne, of course.  While Jennifer has dated, slept with, and married other men, Abigail has never known her father to love anyone but Jennifer.  How would she react to Jack dating?  Then my mind starts heading down all these different paths, like Jack dating Nicole (who’d clash spectacularly with Abigail for instance).  Oh, the storyline possibilities.

I still harbour hope that he’ll come back, because that’s just soap law – there is no “never” or “ever” in daytime drama.  And, hell - if Jarlena can climb through a trapdoor seconds before a bomb explodes, and a pregnant woman suffering early labour pains can shuck off a massive pile of rubble and show up wandering through Horton Town Square in a daze, Jack can escape a silly ol’ elevator collapse.  He’s survived far worse.

Okay, I went on a ramble there.  Sorry.


I’d been enjoying Nicole’s budding relationship with Daniel because it was bringing so many of the character’s facets right back out where I could see them.  She was funny and snarky, brutally honest, tugging at my heartstrings at times, and conniving in her efforts to keep EJ away from the baby.  I was digging all that.  It was doing wonders for Florence Nightingmale, too.  When she called him out on his reputation for sleeping with his patients, I mentally chest-bumped her.  

I figured TPTB were going to give Dannifer another shot, but I didn’t think that it would start happening literally the day Tomsell’s scripts kicked in.  In our time, Jack’s been dead for a couple of weeks.  It’s been less than that in Days time.  This period of mourning is supposed to be for the viewers, not just for Jennifer.  As far as Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell are concerned, the Dannifer reunion can’t happen fast enough, but it’s far too soon for me (to be fair, “never” would be far too soon for me, but I digress).  It makes Jennifer look like one cold-hearted broad, which would be fine if she was Nicole, but she ain’t Nicole.   

You're holding the pillow over the wrong face, girl.

I’m supposed to expect better from Jennifer.  I don’t, but I’m supposed to.  Instead, I’m sympathizing with Nicole – the woman Daniel got to open up and trust him, the woman who made sure he took care of himself while he was freaking out over his daughter’s disappearance. The man who was pissed off when Nicole tried to hide their burdgeoning relationship from Rafe.  The man who, after all of that, suddenly doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.  The whole thing gave me whiplash, and I was half-expecting it.  I can’t imagine how confused the GA must be.  It doesn’t paint Daniel in a very flattering light.  Tomsell might want us to see Nicole as an evil interloper in the Dannifer relationship, but all they’re managing to do is make Jennifer look like a bitch and Daniel like a guy who used an emotionally-vulnerable pregnant woman for sex, undoing any growth Daniel achieved in the past couple of months via his time with Nicole.  Kayla and Maggie are already pushing for a Dannifer reunion, and I can’t even begin to tell you how angry that makes me.  I’m sure you can guess.


Okay, does Josh Taylor ever improvise his lines?  Because it’s the only thing that could explain some of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth (not all of it, but some of it).  When Abigail told Roman that Jack had gotten trapped in the elevator trying to get her out, and he replied, “But he got you out, right?” I swear I rolled my eyes so hard I thought they’d stick.


Chad is the best example of a character I really loved once and can’t stand now.  With Eileen Davidson coming back as Kristen, and Stefano returning, I’m hoping he’ll start DiMera bootcamp soon, but as it stands, if he left with Melanie tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss him.

So Chad finds out that Gabi is behind Melanie’s kidnapping, but still somehow doesn’t make the connection that the whole mess set off a chain of events that killed a few people, injured a few more, and destroyed a perfectly wonderful ballroom.  Or worse - he did make the connection, and doesn’t give a shit about anything outside of Melanie which, now that I think about it, sounds more like Chad.  He doesn’t care that Abigail lost her father.  He doesn’t care that Brady lost his fiancée (I don’t either, but I didn’t help Chad rescue his dumb girlfriend, so he owes me nothing).  He doesn’t care that Gabi is “the most selfish, deluded, dangerous person he’s ever met”.  He has decided to keep this Gabi stuff under wraps so he can blackmail her into staying away from his girlfriend.  Something that a little jail time could easily take care of.   

So far the only punishment she’s been dealt, care of Chad, is not being allowed to hang out with Melanie anymore, which is laughable because – really – who wants to hang out with Melanie these days?

I was sick of Melanie-as-Distressed-Damsel ages ago, and I’m still sick of it.  I did like a couple of her scenes with Andrew, though, when she finally managed to rub two brain cells together long enough to notice Andrew had a crush on her, and tried to use it to her advantage.  I couldn’t figure out why Andrew was so besotted with her, but I went with it.  Why?


I think it’s a crime against soaps that Andrew is dead while Gabi continues to live.  I was getting all emotionally invested in him, thanks to Caleb Hunt - the man behind the mental - which is more than I can say about anyone else in this storyline, and they were all characters who have been on the canvas for a couple of years.  And it’s not just because I knew this was hiding under that pink shirt he was always wearing.

 Damn you to hell, Days.


John is on my last nerve.  You want to stand around being a dick instead of seeking medical attention for your son’s fiancée, fine.  Whatever.  But manhandling Kate?   

Here's a fact: You'd better shrug down into one of those black turtlenecks of yours and run on home to Doc, cause I ain’t havin’ it.  You're going to be on my shit list for a while for that one, old man.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I loved Kate and Ian having it out like Jim and Pam Morrison.  If one of them had pushed the other into a closet and lit it on fire, or fell out a window, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  Of course I didn’t buy the whole “I did all this for Madison” bullshit Ian was shovelling, but TomSell seemed to need to get Ian and Madison the hell out of town as soon as possible, so…


I could fangirl for hours, but I won't.  Let me keep it brief and somewhat to the point.

EJ and Sami playing “Nick and Nora” continues to be fun to watch.  The only thing better than watching EJ and Sami bantering, eye-sexing, or nipping at each other is…well…Okay, nothing can beat that, but watching Sami and Will reconciling over their mutual desire to keep EJ out of prison, which was then followed by EJ and Sami running away together, and more bantering, eye-sexing and nipping is pretty damn close.

Have I told you that my EJami dream is to have the two of them form a perfect hybrid of The Riches, and The Addams Family?

 Fuck, yes.

Of course that may never happen.  Why?  Enter the biggest romantic interloper/cock-blocker of all-time.


I remember reading a blind item a few months back that one soap’s writers had a pitch shot down which would have turned an entire season of the show into a dream.  There is no doubt in my mind that those writers were Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell, who, once hired, set about dismantling everything MarDar had done. 

Within a few short weeks, Rafe is back to being the big man on campus, Rafe’s useless sister is given another storyline bolstered by an Emmy-winning actor at the expense of an award-winning, mainstream-attention grabbing, gay storyline, Jack is dead, the world is revolving around Melanie, Carrie (Rafe’s only other love interest since coming on this infuriating show) was sent packing, and Jennifer and Daniel are already on the road to reuniting.

Rafe, of course, received a promotion for doing absolutely dick, has the town begging Sami to consider trading in all the progress she’s made over the past year for another round of mind-numbing Safe, and the lusting he did over Carrie, as well as his mishandling of Stefano’s murder case have been wiped clean from his record.

EJ is already out of a job, his bestie, Will, has been removed from his orbit, he's announced that he will not let his father pull his strings anymore, and he’s back in the dreaded pink shirt.  The pink shirt usually means that EJ is starting to look forward to the rest of his life, and if there’s one thing Gary Tomlin won’t stand for, it’s EJ being happy for any length of time.  Last time EJ was happy and all dressed up for the prom, he had one helluva bucket of pig’s blood dumped on him in the form of a gunshot wound to the head.  

Some people have said this is “Safe closure”.  Whether that be true or not, one thing remains clear – Closure at this point was unnecessary.  Storylines have been dropped, never to be heard from again (Tony and the “B”, anyone?), so I don’t buy the whole “blah-blah-blah had to be addressed because blah-blah-blah” thing.  Sami and Rafe’s breakup did not have to be addressed.  He was looking for ice cubes down her sister’s blouse and Sami fucked EJ on the DiMansion couch. That case is about as closed as a case can get.
I’d imagine Gary Tomlin’s problem here is that Rafe’s white armour emerged from battle with a few scuffs on it, and Sami came out looking too much like she was still into EJ, even though she already had a big piece of sandwich-making man meat at home at the time.  If what’s currently happening on screen is closure (I still have my doubts), I have a feeling it’s to establish that “Sami didn’t dump Rafe.  Rafe dumped Sami”.  Turning the story upside-down to give one or two people closure for a fictional relationship seems like insanity to me, but what do I know?  I’m just the one who’s supposed to be enjoying all this.


I’m so happy to have Nick back, but did all that parole shit have to be so Melanie-centric?  I already watched Melanie puffing her lips out and gnawing her fingernails down to her knuckles during the kidnapping storyline.  Since I actually remember that Melanie testified on Nick’s behalf to get his sentence reduced before he was sent to the big house, my sympathy level was already at an all-time low for the girl.  What about all the other people Nick’s actions affected?  Someone could have pulled Caroline out from behind the bar long enough to have her testify at Nick’s hearing.  Nicole probably should have played a role in that, too, as Trent’s ex-wife.  Did it all have to be about Melanie?  Oh, wait.  Of course it did.


Something stinks here, and I think I know what it is.  Spoilers say that Adrienne is going to have a problem with Sonny being interested in Will because of all his parental baggage.  God help Days if they try to nail Will to a picket face and paint him white.  I’ve been loving grey Will, but if he’s going to start pushing Sami to be with Rafe or nagging Granda Kate to behave simply to make himself look more socially-acceptable so he can get himself a little Sonny side up, I’m going to be furious.  My knuckles are still aching from how hard I was clenching my fists when I first found out he was breaking up with EJ and having sex with Gabi, possibly fathering her demon spawn.


 I’ll be honest with you – this was a hard entry to write.  I’m sure that if you’ve made it this far, you’ve been able to tell because it’s all the hell over the place.  For me, the actors are carrying the bulk of the weight of this show on their shoulders.  The mechanics of the show have improved, and continue to do so, however, I can’t hear its heart beating anymore.  I can never trust TPTB enough to become emotionally invested in any of these characters or storylines because who knows how long before they’re dropped or thrown into a tailspin?  

When I’m going into a movie like “When Harry Met Sally”, I don’t want to know exactly how I’m going to get from these two characters disliking each other to these two characters falling in love, but I like knowing that it’s going to happen eventually.   

When I’m watching Days, I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get there, or where “there” is even going to turn out to be.  It’s discombobulating, and not in a good way.  For weeks I thought Sami and EJ were going to realize they were made for each other.  I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but all signs were pointing to “FINALLY”.  Then Rafe dropped down from the ceiling of the safe house the second Tomlin clocked in for his first on-screen turn as full-time head writer, and the story has all gone to hell.  

Now I’m hog-tied and riding blindfolded in the back of Gary Tomlin’s van and I don’t give a shit if he’s driving me to Disney World.  The ride has been spoiled and I don’t trust that he knows the Magic Kingdom from Jonestown.


  1. I'm right there with you, Diggie, and peeping at the show through clenched fingers. Gary Tomlin sure drove this all to hell with his incessant Rafe loving. I know everyone deserves to be loved, but, hell, Galen Gering already was crazy in love with Rafe. We didn't need Tomlin.

    Loved your column as always!

  2. I feel the same way. I am not excited to watch the show and when I do I FF through practically the entire show! If the don't pull the douchbag Rafe out of my EJami story I am going to have to quit DOOL again! I am soooooo sick of being fucked over and over again by the idiots that are running the show into the gutter again.

  3. What an excellent summary kuddo!!!!

  4. I always love your posts, and this one was no execption. I may not have agreed with everything MarDar did, but they did get some things right. Will's greyness was by far, one of the best transitions made by a character under their regime (Sami being a close second). His relationship with EJ was interesting, unexpected and never failed to entertain. Added to the fact that he is a young man, struggling to discover who he is, it made for good tv.

    I knew the second Tomlin's hand really had a hand in the writing when Rafe appeared. In the previous regime's writing, Rafe was written as flawed and less "heroic" and that was a good thing. Plus he was paired with Carrie, a match that made perfect sense. Both characters think they are above reproach, but I think most of the viewing audience could really pull for them because a. they had chemistry and b. they are essentially the same. Under Tomlin it's "Oh look how perfect Rafe is. Let's give him a promotion for arresting the wrong guy because the police force could not possibly exist without the man we had to fire a couple of times because he's so awesome. Sami, don't you want a guy like this who is just the bestest person in the whole wide world?" Lame. Very lame.

    I was loving the pre-cliffhanger stuff, and not for Ejami, but for how all the little stories that seemed completely separate, all came together under a neat little umbrella. However, I hated losing Jack. Hate it. (I totally agree with EVERTYTHING you said about the Deveraux clan... we definitely lost the wrong one). I thought the wrap up with Ian was rushed, forced, and totally implausible. I don't like that Gabi is getting off scot-free. She's an absolutely boring and pathetic character, who NO ONE likes. And I absolutely abhor the fact that Rafe is now in the Ejami story. He doesn't belong there. It was over for them the second he found out about Sami sleeping with EJ.

    Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I have a lot of feelings about this. I feel much better knowing that at least one other person feels exactly like I do. So thank you!! :)

  5. Great blog, as usual, Diggy!

    I'm pretty sure that GT/CW set a new record for this takeover at Days. Within their first week of full scripts they managed to not only completely stall the momentum the show gained from the excitement of the cliffhanger and the Ejami-on-the-run storyline, but they actually regressed the show back to the brink of the mess it was in when they, and their cohort, Dena Higley, were fired in 2011. MarDar's tenure at the show was far from perfect and had numerous eye-rolling moments, but they were left with a hell of a mess to clean up thanks to the very crew which Days decided to hire back. TomSell don't have the excuse of being left in a bind that would take months, if not years, to get out of, unlike their predecessors. They were handed a show that actually had a few strong storylines on paper and, in some cases, already in the can, instead of an unmitigated mess of weak and depressing garbage.

    The Daysaster was, by no means, a brilliant storyline, but it was attention-grabbing, entertaining, and DIFFERENT for Days. The Ejami-on-the-run story was in much the same vein. James and Ali were finally allowed to showcase their magnificent chemistry in an atmosphere of favourable writing, which was unprecedented on Days for them. Ejami not only getting along (*gasp), but also working together and allowing long-held (6 years) feelings to bubble to the surface was attention-grabbing, entertaining, and very DIFFERENT for Days.

    Days not only gained a significant number of viewers over the two weeks of the Daysaster and its aftermath, it also showed the first rise in the key 18-49 demo since the week of Nov 21/11. Of course, just as MarDar squandered the storyline and ratings momentum last November with virtually unmitigated boredom, TomSell have also squandered the ratings and storyline momentum that they gained from the previous writers' story. Their focus on boring storylines and unlikable characters and their continual insults to my intelligence as a viewer are essentially taking this show back to where their "dream" team left it teetering on the brink of obscurity in 2011. Between the endless conversatiosn between Nick and his parade of visitors in the prison visiting room, Melame's whining, the disrespectful (to Jack and fans alike) Dannifer pimping, the Wabi sex, the Ejill breakup, Gabi, and the unholy insertion of Rafe into a perfectly entertaining Ejami storyline (that had barely even begun), my finger hovered over that little red button on my remote with great fervor. If this crew believes that they will make me so angry that I will throw things at my TV and keep watching their tripe, they are very wrong. You see, my time is valuable and things that fail to entertain do not deserve a portion of that time. Honestly, aside from a random scene here and there, thanks to TomSell's butchery of most of my favourite stories and characters, as well as their propping, pimping, and whatever else you want to call it, of unlikable, lameass, boring characters and couples that I can NEVER be forced to like no matter how much they try to write them as if they're the awesomest thing since rainbows and unicorns, I am enjoying nothing on this show aside from the beautiful Ejami scenes we've been getting. With the needless and aversive insertion of Agent Lame into that storyline, my enjoyment wanes with each passing day. Whether this is "Safe closure" or not is irrelevant to me. I want to be entertained and "Safe closure" is not entertaining to me - rather, it's like having my eyes gouged out with spoons. My finger is constantly hovering over that button on my remote, ready to turn the TV off. So, if this is indeed "Safe closure," intended to satisfy the egos of a few people and make a small portion of fans hearts go atwitter, then it will come at a very high cost for this show in terms of lost momentum and fleeing viewers. It seems that Days is doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and this time looks to be no different.

  6. I feel exactly the same about everything. Tomlin ruined all the promise the show had when I was finally enjoying it.

  7. I think if Rafe and Daniel were both to get the boot, that alone would do wonders for Days, because Gary Tomlin sacrifices too much for them, which is just sad, when they're completely replaceable, cardboard characters. It's bad enough that they've been on the show for so long and yet remain nearly substance free, but we are stuck with a writer who is in love with them. I don't get it. Maybe it's because they're so generic that it makes it easier for him to write for them, as he doesn't have to worry about pesky little things like character consistency or motivation in Daniel's case, and he could just as easily write for a block of wood in Rafe's. But then, it's not like Tomlin worries about understandable character motivation for any of the characters. I can't even consider this version of Jennifer the same character as the one I used to love. And, yes, though my preference would be that Days find a writer who isn't too stupid to write a good Jack and Jennifer story, if we had to lose one of them, we should have kept Jack and lost Jennifer. Ashford's Jack is arguably the greatest character this show has ever managed, he's something different, and as you said, Jack has way more untapped story potential than Jennifer. I've already seen this story with Jennifer, albeit Daniel's even less interesting than any of her previous Jack replacements, and Jennifer panting after Daniel with Jack not dead even a week hits a new level of disgusting.

    I used to really like Ejami, and I think that though they've been mismanaged to the hilt, there could still be something there, but the show needs to not to gloss over their hairy past. Make the story for them out of it, rather than trying to ignore it. But I fear we'll be treated to another round of EJ interloping upon the great and boring love of Sami and Rafe instead.


  9. You are not alone....
    XXXX Novelafan

  10. You said everything that I wanted to say about Jack's death and about the wrong Deveraux dying. But I have horrific writer's block at the moment, So thanks for being my muse even though I don't know you. :)

  11. Your post is awesome. I admire the time and patience you put into writing from your heart about a soap you're passionate about as I am. First, I want to say although the writing isn't perfect, I have truly come to appreciate Days more than ever. Yesterday I went home early and caught up with two episodes and I felt so relaxed that I could be home in the middle of the day watching a soap I'd love since I was 13 years old. With that said, I too am not one bit pleased with some things that are going on. For the most part, I just pay attention to love affair with them is truly complex, although I love them, sometimes I get really fed up watching the same thing over and over again. For a minute it looked like it was a sure thing of their reunion, then Sami begins to have doubts and now Rafe is back in the picture. Like you, I feel I can't come to the place where I feel comfortable that they're going to be together for the long haul, too many swift changes....and nothing really new, just too many mind games..

    I completely agree that Days producers didn't utilize Jack for the talent Matthew Ashford was...they wasted his time and our time with lame storylines of him trying to win Jennifer's heart once more. I didn't think about it until you mentioned it, but Jack always only had eyes for Jen and it was a travesty that Jen wasn't the person Jack deserved. She's so selfish...Truthfully I only tolerated Jennifer because of the pairing, otherwise, I think her character is too dull; I 'm bored out of my mind watching her get all jealous over Dan because of Nicole. The fact the writers are trying to pair them together again is beyond ridiculous since it didn't work out the first time. There is just no chemistry whatsoever!

    For a long while, I wasn't feeling Nicole and Daniel but suddenly when everything was on the verge of ending, I got on the bandwagon and was sad to see Daniel was no longer interested. Talk about short sighted.

    You know how I feel about Roman, I love that man but I am not blinded by the crap the writers give him. I am angered that a vet is treated this way. Plus I feel he doesn't get enough air time.

    Melanie, what can I say, you hit the nail right is only now that the actress is leaving have I been able to tolerate her...before July, I used my FF button most of the time, her voice was nagging, the writers have the character front and centered and for what? She didn't bring anything to the show but whatever...she's soon gone...Chad is lost in himself, I don't think he knows who he is...he says he a Dimera like he wants to be, it's not in his blood the way it's in Ej's blood or even Tony who wasn't a real Dimera. I thought his handing of Gabby's situation was too low key...what Dimera blackmails someone to stay away from their girl, that's not punishment.

    I loved Kate and Ian; psycho Ian was the only person in my opinion that saved the summer. While all the characters were dealt dummy lines, Ian played the villain to a T, although I thought he could have done more...

    Continue writing Diggy, your words echo what most of us think about.

  12. i really do have the same feelings about Ejami. i love them together and just when they were finally going to be given a chance to be together Mr. G. Tomlin pulls the rug from underneath them. They are the reason I came back to even watching Days and if they pull them apart again I am so being done with this. Ejami deserves to be together and i have said this everywhere. I like them actually being happy together for once and it only took 6 yrs to be taken away again. If safe happens See ya Days

  13. Yup for an "unnoticable" writer change over, it was a very noticable transistion. I have found myself not even bothering to try to see episodes (only other time in 30+ years was during the Marlena possession) that says a lot in itself. I have suffered through some pretty horrible storylines along with the rest of you and when Days fails to keep die hard, going to watch forever, veiwers interested they have obviously done something very wrong. All of this was expected and you've once again hit the nail with another blog entry! (I do disagree about Melanie lol I hated her when she first showed up but have really grown to love her) so what more can be said... I don't even race or worry to see what spoilers are coming up... and Days is filming what January now? So they are so far ahead its a little too late to turn that ship around before it hits the iceberg. Hope they can do it tho! I hate the idea of not having Days on air :(

  14. I'm right there with you.

    I am not sticking around to have the rug ripped out from under me again.

  15. Great article, you did sum up everything..although i grow to like Melanie quite a bit..if Tomlin stays their show is doomed, it is their loss, i will not waste my time watching this/his the way Days drops in ratings but GH is up..ha ha..well deserved.

  16. This is my first time reading your blog and I must say I loved and agree with just about everything you said. The new (old) writers are destroying all of the great s/l that MarDar had going on. I already feel like 2011 never happened and I'm at the end of 2010 which SUCKED ASS!!!!! I look forward to reading more of your blog.