Saturday, February 25, 2012

You disgust me. I hate you. Now kiss me.

How many couples can you name who started off as two people who hate each other and ended up as two people wanting to tear through the other’s clothes and hit on the nitty-gritty like a lion ripping into a zebra?  Tons, right?


First of all, take angry sex off the list – those instances when an otherwise relatively stable couple has a huge fight (which also serves as foreplay), then kiss to relieve the tension and make it all better.

Now par that number down again by dropping bickerers off the list.  You know what I’m talking about - Two people meet, there’s some sort of disagreement or misunderstanding over something, some sort of instant clash of personalities, the couple lock horns a few times, etc.  The next thing you know, they’re arguing, and kissing, and…yeah.  It’s such a television and film staple now, and we can see it coming from miles away.  Sure – it can still be fun if the dialogue is clever enough, but more often than not, it’s the result of incredibly lazy writing.  It’s an overdone, romantic cliché.


How many romantic couples are actually built on a good, solid foundation of hate?  Not many, right?  Are EJ and Sami still on your list?  They should be.

You can’t have missed it.

The look.

Oh, you know what “look” I’m talking about.  EJ and Sami were blubbering at Nicole and Rafe respectively, begging them to understand how The Great Couching of 2011 was merely about rutting the pain away, and that the two should know better than anyone how repellent EJ and Sami find each other.   

They begged their insignificant others for forgiveness, starting their usual this-is-all-your-fault-no-it's-your-fault thing, and were about to skitter off to find their cuckolded spouses when the look happened.  In two seconds, all the sobbing and simpering over their lost spouses was all but eviscerated by that breathless moment between EJ and Sami.  Suddenly you’re thinking “Nicole and Rafe who?” if anything else at all.

 Caught in the crossfire, one of my socks fell off.

“It was the biggest mistake of my life,” Sami shouts, getting all up in EJ’s grill.  “Well, for once we agree on something,” EJ yells back.

Like I said, the look lasts only a few moments, and then Sami comes to her senses in her usual way (after a kiss/near-kiss with EJ, she always gasps “OMIGOD”, then makes a run for it).  EJ grabs her arm and she’s suddenly frantic, clearly afraid things might pan out the way they did the last time they fought.  EJ and Sami snap out of it, and both continue on their not-so-merry ways.

The thing that made that moment so exhilarating is the firm foundation of hate that it was built on.  Not weeks of snarky banter.  Not six months’ worth of misunderstanding after misunderstanding.  Years of hate, love, and hate.   

After every shitty thing they’ve ever done to each other, and no matter how much time they spend physically apart, EJ and Sami still have it.  It's always there, bubbling just beneath the surface.  Everything they do to hurt each other ensures that they don't stay out of the other's orbit for long, and maybe they know it, but more likely than not, they still have no idea.   

Nicole and Rafe apparently had nothing better to do than stick around with the sole intention of driving that point home.  Of course, because there were no sock puppets, flags, magic markers, or three foot high pieces of bristol board handy, they still weren’t able to get our star-crossed nincompoops to understand what the hell has been going on between them for the past half a decade.

Among other things, this is what makes Nicole and EJ’s relationship so utterly senseless.  One might argue that Nicole and EJ have done horrible things to each other, so what makes Sami’s relationship with EJ and any different?  Well, because like Nicole said, “It’s always Sami”.

"You obviously care about Sami, otherwise you wouldn't keep sleeping with her."
Let's be fair, Nicole.  "Keep" suggests that it's happened more than, say, 
three times over the course of six years.  But I digress. Keep going, dear.

Nicole has always been collateral damage in EJ’s pursuit to hurt Sami.  EJ always puts his entire heart and soul into his plans to exact some sort of revenge on Sami.  How much time and effort did EJ put in getting back at Nicole for giving Rafe the recording of his Sydnapping confession?  He shouted at her on the pier, but that was little more than a fly-swatting.  He didn’t give enough of a shit about her to get back at her for her stupidity.  Even when EJ forced Nicole to choose between Sydney and Brady, it was more about sticking it in Sami’s craw than anything else.

EJ’s first one-on-one confrontation with Sami after the couching was also all about sticking it to her.  It wasn’t until after Sami went on and on about how much she loved Rafe that EJ launched into An Ode to Nicole.  Remember the eye-rolls Sami kept shooting EJ’s way as he waxed poetic about his all-consuming love for Nicole?  We got a repeat performance of those magnificent eye-rolls this past week, over EJ’s shoulder as he was begging Nicole for forgiveness.  At one point I watched the scene again just so I could give their majesty my full attention.  

Sometimes EJ does it on purpose, and sometimes he does it unconsciously, but EJ always knows the “old reliable” of his artillery in the ongoing battle of one-upmanship against Sami is always within arm’s reach, just like Sami always keeps Lucas/Rafe/Lucas in her bedside table for when she needs him.

“What is it with you two, huh?” Rafe asked.  “You have this sickness.  This obsession with destroying each other’s lives.”

Yep.  And it makes for great soap. 
Now get those two a fucking room already.


  1. Insightful post, as always, Diggy. LOVED "The Look" too!

  2. SO true! Every word of it! The dialogue from Rafe & Nicole summed it up perfectly even if EJ and Sami aren't ready to admit it. There's something between them that no one can let's just get on with this, shall we? :)

  3. As always, Diggy, you sum up the essence of Ejami so well. It is indeed a rare dynamic that exists between EJ and Samantha, particularly in the formulaic, cliche world of the soap opera. The passion, hate, love, and the chemistry that exists between these two essentially selfish characters causes a visceral reaction in the viewer. For many, it's compelling, even thrilling to see all of these raw emotions - it draws them in to the story and all the other characters in the scene vanish. They want more and more of the throbbing passion and the melodrama. For others, conditioned to believe that love and romance are separate from hate and passion, it is an uncomfortable, even negative, experience. However, rarely does the Ejami dynamic incite indifference.

    That one look that said, "I hate you, but I want to fuck you," said it all. Despite bullets, kidnappings, dopplegangers, scarf-sniffing, tickling, separation, declarations of undying love to other people, and a massive derangement in their characters, these two still have IT - chemistry and passion to the nth degree.

    The mirroring of EJ and Sami during this episode was glaringly obvious. Two selfish people, who claim to hate each other, yet for some inexplicable reason(at least to them), had sex. Even their respective betrayed spouses can see the dynamic that exists between the two and are anxious to get as far away from it as possible before they both wind up as collateral damage yet again. Wise move because neither Rafe nor Nicole can stand up to their respective spouses as equals, nor truly challenge them beyond their proscribed limits in any significant way.

    Sami and EJ, both with overpowering personalities, stand toe-to-toe with each other, without fear, despite their mutually despicable deeds, and challenge the other to make the next move. Whether that move is a kiss or a shove, one never can tell. That's what makes it so exciting - it's unpredictable, illogical, and fuelled by a complex mix of conflicting emotions.

    Now that's good soap.

    I echo your comment Diggy: "Now get those two a fucking room already." It's time. In fact, well past time.

  4. Hay! It's Here! :-) lllllove it, Girl! So happy that you touched on my favorite bit, Sami's repeatedly ordering to EJ of, No!" When he had hold of her arm and didn't want her yo leave! It WAS frantic, she FELT the crumbling topsoil giving way to the quagmire of delicious 'sin' with RJ.
    Sigh* So happy that THIS is the show I chose to throw my towrl in at. When next (if ever) I watch Days I'll be looking at the same calipbre of swelter from Ejami.
    Thanks, Diggy!
    ~~Feisty Kerr

    1. RJ?? Shit, I can take most the "auto-correcting BS" but please, Kindle, it's freaking EJ!! :-P

  5. Spot on! Someone should tell MarDar to read this.

  6. Well girl... That was a fabulous post! So much to say just from one look! Love it!
    Always enjoy your blogs :)

    - chelsea aka ejami3js :)

  7. Twin, you took the words right out of my mouth. As my friend Steady would say, this is the "Monkey's Bollocks!" Yes, that's a compliment. You definitely get a standing ovation with this one. Fucktastic!

  8. I am so glad you pointed out EJ's near indifference to Nicole when she does him wrong. He doesn't care enough to get upset.

    Sami challenges him & always will. Nicole is just there, convenient, easy, his doormat.

    EJ removes Nicole's backbone and uses it to stir his coffee.

  9. I saw the "look" right away!!Sami and Ej can talk about loving others all they want but that look between them says it all.

  10. Preach it gurl!!! Rafe and Nicole can see it but somehow Ejami can't. Maybe it's because they are blinded by hate or are overcome with the amount of emotion they feel when it makes itself known. I know Sami felt that in that brief moment, but as always it is too much for her and has to get away from it. Here's hoping their eyes are opened and they are brave to go for it despite their past in the near future.

  11. Yes get them a room already ..I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ohhh dear, how I’ve missed you and your amazing outlook on the best duo there ever was...!!!
    I kept coming back to this place but silence remained for the longest time. Honestly, I was a little depressed and it wasn’t from the winter season lack of daylight... But then, BAM!!
    As soon as I saw it and felt it, I knew that THE LOOK would be the inspiring note that would make you write again... And how wonderfully you depict the chemistry and passion that puts our screen on fire, eyes reaching deeply through the soul, without words spoken! Even though they try to play the hate card, EJ and Sami will inevitably come back to each other. Nicole and Rafe can pack their bags... It’s been long enough; at last, let there be EJami!

  13. I don't even dare to hope. Ejami should "be" but will it? It doesn't look good. An Ejole baby? Good lord, what a lame attempt to even the playing field between Sami and Nicole. Danole? Rat-Boy? Bradison? even for a die-hard optimist like me, it's alot-to-take. But I always have you Diggy, I always have you...

  14. This is what I don't get about their "insertion" of Nicole into the EJ web. Not only does EJole suck the life right out of the room, with a void sucking, character squishing spoon. But Nicole has so much more potential she could be using. Not as a speed bump to EJami. It's not only insulting to us, but to Ari to have to endure the same SL on a yearly basis. EJ does not love Nicole, Nicole does not love EJ...end our suffering and kill EJole like the buzzing dead fly they are. But time and again we are exposed to this couple, for no more than a bunch of dirty looks, some glasses thrown, and the character suicide of their all consuming love.

    I have never hated a couple more, than I hate EJ and Nicole. Not only because they are written like a couple of sappy sacks, but because their relationship is built on an illogical need to one up each other, and a dread of being alone. Why can't either one, have a love story with someone their character truly LOVES!!! Yet over and over we have to endure this back and forth for what? Because neither char wants to be alone? or drink alone? real great basis of a love story. It's lazy writing, and I have had more than enough. It's this and the "pod person" they have to replace Nicole, why I don't watch anymore. I can take a lot of things, but demeaning Nicole, and Ari for that matter to this same story time and again is pointless.

    Like u Dig, I have had a soft spot for Nicole for yrs. but this is not her, letting some guy treat her like crap and not getting revenge, not even standing up is insulting. It's time to end it. bring real Nicole back, bring Bricole back, and end this EHole nightmare. We have endured long enough.